No rolling stops in downtown Hayward

Hayward police are beefing up their presence in a 15-block area in downtown Hayward through January. Part of that includes traffic enforcement (aka tickets), with zero tolerance (you can’t talk your way out of one). Don’t say you weren’t warned.



  • Michael Moore

    Good to see the Hayward Police Department doing something positive to reduce crime. I hope they continue to do active code enforcement as well on the local businesses that continue to dispense those illegal plastic bags and the smokers who litter the ground and poison the air.

    That way the police can ignore the 900 pound homeless drug problem which is only obvious if you actually walk in downtown Hayward.

  • Teresa Conti

    Speaking of crime, my hubby had his blue backpack stolen right next to BofA on Mission this AM. If anyone finds such an item lying around, it would be great to get the thing back. Be careful in the AM around this area.