We’re back

It’s been too long, but The HayWord is back. This is not just our site to post updates and capture the community as we find it; it’s also your site. We hope you’ll visit us and share links, comments and perspectives. Stop on by; we’ll be here.


  • how sad that it has taken this long to respond to the readers/posters of this blog. You should have it pretty easy keeping track of the entries, since there will be little to none. Your inability to meet the needs of the community, by providing continuing coverage on the blog is just an indication of how little BANG cares about the communities it serves.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, I for one am tickled that this is not dead. My hope is that Ms. Parr will keep this working by managing the posts, that would be one person in particular. I am pleased to see that this is back.

  • Hope you are right Michael, although it will be hard not to read the EastBayCitizen for the real news. Perhaps Ms. Parr would be wise to place an entry in the printed and online version of the Review to let readers know the HayWord is back.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, I am not sure I would characterize the EBCitizen as news, but it is fun to read. I have been a loyal reader for a long time. I can only hope that this Blog will becomethat refined.