Trees along Foothill

Rumors that trees would not be planted along Foothill Boulevard are false.

The rumors apparently started when work crews filled up the tree wells with asphalt. Not to worry – the asphalt will be dug out and trees will go in later. The trees are part of the landscaping along Foothill, which also has new sidewalks and streetlights as part of the Route 238 Corridor Improvement Project.

The asphalt is temporary, says Kevin Briggs, Hayward’s project manager for the road construction. “We put the asphalt in for the holiday season to clean things up and make the area more pedestrian friendly,” he says.

And some of the irrigation system still needs to be installed before the trees are planted, Briggs says.


  • Teresa Conti

    This is the project that has no end. It is reducing gridlock, however, since there is often zero traffic now on Mission during the day. The area is still a mess, the businesses have mostly closed and the project is never finished. Yuch.

  • Michael Moore

    Teresa, every time I drive from Castro Valley down Foothill to get in to South Hayward I marvel at the skill of the Planners and Engineers and our Council in how well they have reduced gridlock. The increased capacity and virtually zero demand for customers has created the perfect Urban Wasteland.

    Fortunately the City has managed to mortgage its future while destroying the present. However, Emil Villas is still open for breakfast and my wife and I remain loyal customers.

  • Michael Moore

    The good things about trees and roadways is that when drivers veer off the course they can be stopped quickly by the tree. Wait a minute, that really makes no sense. But then again, it will take a few years before the trees themselves will be a danger to motorists and how long will it be before the business that has the tree will be responsible for its maintenance.

    Who will be handling the trees’s maintenance and upkeep. Is it the City or the owner?

  • Teresa Conti

    Mission is really abandoned. Totally. I miss the days of the long cuts through the cemetary…we looked forward to turning by the Soda mausoleum…