Dogs in the park

We’re hearing a lot from folks regarding dogs running off-leash in Hayward Area and Recreation District Park parks, specifically East Avenue Park in Fairview. Currently, dogs must be on leash at all HARD parks and facilities except in designated dog parks, but the district board is looking at the rules after an East Avenue resident called them too strict.


The callers/emailers have been split between those who favor looser rules and those who have had bad experiences with dogs at East Avenue Park. And everyone seems to have strong opinions.

We don’t envy HARD directors or staff as they wrestle with the issue, which was brought up during public comments at Monday’s board meeting. The controversy over the size of the Duck Pond in the master plan for San Lorenzo Community Park, aka the Duck Pond, which drew large crowds to HARD board meetings, may end up seeming relatively minor.

Related: Because of an editing error, some printed versions of the off-leash dog story in the Daily Review incorrectly said that Alameda County and Hayward allow dogs to be off-leash in public spaces. Not true. Both the city and the county prohibit dogs off-leash except in designated dog parks.

Our apologies to HARD staff members, who already are dealing with a headache.


  • Michael Moore

    I am a dog owner and regular user of the area’s dog parks. There is no reason to change the present leash laws. There is a need for the Sheriff, Hayward Police Department and the EBRPD to get serious about enforcing the existing leash laws.

    HARD directors and their staff need to speak clearly and with conviction in order to eliminate inconsiderate off leash dog owners from continuing to violate the law. There are no mitigating circumstances. Keep your dog under control and on a leash except in the the dog park.

  • Teresa Conti

    I think that covers it.