Road delays on South Mission Bouelvard

Road construction on the Route 238 Corridor project is focused on Mission Boulevard from St. Clement Church south to Industrial Parkway. The work will continue through Feb. 1. According to the city’s website, “access to driveways and intersections will be affected during the work.” I assume that means they will be blocked at least part of the time. Expect delays through the area.


  • Teresa Conti

    Its not like anyone would want to go to St. Clement’s. They don’t have a school or anything. And, of course, there is not a high school right next to them. Of course there are public schools and other businesses. WHEN DOES THIS ROAD NIGHTMARE END?

    My only saving grace is the sons now go to Cal State East Bay and I can get there without going on Mission or across Hayward. Yay!

  • Michael Moore

    Teresa you are exactly right. The good news is that if this is over in a week we are good to go. Anyone want to bet on it being complete by Feb.1?

  • Teresa Conti

    What they mean by access is they tear up the walk and roadway so each entrance becomes a dirt road in cases that needs a 4×4 to pass safely, especially in the rain. Did I mention I hate road work?