Hayward roadwork update meeting Thursday

Hayward city officials will hold their monthly update meeting Thursday on the Route 238 Corridor Improvement Project that includes Foothill Boulevard south from Interstate 580 through downtown and Mission Boulevard from A Street south to Industrial Parkway.

Merchants along Foothill and A Street have asked that some on-street parking, which would be eliminated as part of the work, be restored. At Thursday’s meeting, city staff members are expected to show where they plan to allow parking.

The road project includes a one-way traffic “loop” through downtown. So far, the city has not said when the loop will go into effect.

The meeting begins at 9 a.m. Jan. 24 in Conference Room 2A at Hayward City Hall, 777 B St.


  • Michael Moore

    The merchants are really wrong about wanting the additional parking. What is needed is ready access to off-street parking lots that are immediately adjacent to the businesses along Foothill and A Street. Once the rerouted traffic loop is completed we will all be pleased with the ease and movement that it provides. As soon as there is parking there will be reduced flow and more accidents. This is really a fine example of knee jerking when the truth is we should look at fixes after everyone sees what works.

    And if anyone wanted comment, they would not schedule the meeting at 9AM on a Thursday. But why should we be concerned about how our money is spent. I mean it is not like we voted for it and paid for it. Oh right we did vote for it and paid for it and now our elected representatives are deviating from our trust and mandate. Typical of politicians.

  • Monica

    The meetings are well attended.

  • Teresa Conti

    I voted for a hill bypass to not have to deal with this nonsense in town. The hills are full of roads and houses, one more wouldn’t make that must difference. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh!