Four join Hayward police force

Four Hayward police officers were sworn in Tuesday at a ceremony at City Hall.

Alan Reynaga, Mike Cristol, Joseph Ley and Sean Spillner officially joined the Hayward police force at the event attended by Mayor Mike Sweeney, City Manager Fran David and Police Chief Diane Urban.

Detective Ryan Cantrell was promoted to sergeant, and Mohammad Ali was sworn in as a reserve officer.


  • Michael Moore

    Does anyone know if these six new police positions [a promotion, new reserve officer, and four new officers] who collectively will be paid nearly one half million dollars a year actually live in Hayward?

  • Teresa Conti

    Isn’t Mr. Ali retired?

  • More than likely none of them live in Hayward. Unfortunately, Hayward cannot require that its first responders live within the city limits. It is even questionable that the city could even suggest that it would be in the best interests of the community if they called Hayward their hometown.

  • Michael Moore

    Kathi, I realize that the present laws allow city employees to live where they choose. But our city and all others would benefit if the folks who are paid by our taxes lived in the city they are pledged to serve, instead of taking their much larger income and spending it in other cities. If our taxes pay their salaries I think that the recipients of our largesse should have to live here. The politicians that figure this out will be easily elected.