Update on the loop

The one-way traffic loop through downtown Hayward is scheduled for early March, according to the city’s website. I am working to get a more precise date, since March is less than three weeks away.

What’s involved: Massive traffic signal bridges that are being fabricated to order in Utah have to be shipped here. That entails getting permits to drive uber-wide loads through several states.

Once the bridges are here, there’s no good place to store them – we’re talking really wide – so they probably will go up pronto, though “pronto” still will take some doing and time. The bridges will span intersections along Foothill. The foundations (which run deep) were constructed earlier; remember those plywood boards for pedestrians near traffic lights? The foundations have been filled with asphalt for pedestrian safety. The bridges couldn’t be ordered until the foundations were constructed. It’s complicated, but Foothill is an old street, and the underground pipes and conduits aren’t always where the blueprints say they are, so each bridge’s specs are different. The asphalt was temporary and will be dug out.

Final paving of the loop – Five Flags north on Foothill to A Street, left on A to Mission Boulevard, south on Mission back to Five Flags – and lane striping will be needed, so, combined with installation of the signal bridges, we’re looking at major road closures and detours coming up. And you thought traffic was bad now!

Next week: According to city’s website, expect lane closures on Mission and Foothill, mostly Mission from Industrial to about Moreau High School both ways and Mission from Jackson Street to Highland Avenue, both ways.

The good news: Driving down Mission, big stretches are finished except for landscaping. The roads are smooth, and the ugly utility poles are gone. The lights look great.


  • Michael Moore

    I cannot wait for the new way to get through town.

  • Monica

    The loop is the stupidest idea ever. It will be interesting to watch big rigs, ambulances, fire engines making a left from A St. onto Mission Blvd. What a mess! People think the traffic is bad now…well it’s just going to get worse. What a joke.

  • Alex

    I can imagine a bug huge traffic mess when the one-way streets go in effect. If it’s in March, the city should already start posting signs on city streets in the area and AC Transit should start sharing information with their passengers on service changes impacting the routes on Foothill and Mission…

    Btw, any word on when any new street signs on the new traffic signals will be installed? They’ve been looking so bare since they were installed.

  • Teresa Conti

    Most of the NEW trees planted by the cemetery on Mission Blvd look very dead.

  • Teresa Conti

    In case you missed it: (Its not the loop, but could be useful to some)

    We wanted to provide you with an update regarding transportation and the demolition of Warren Hall:

    AC Transit and CSUEB Shuttle Route Change

    In preparation for construction related to the demolition of Warren Hall, AC Transit Line #60 and the CSUEB Shuttle will change their routes on campus.

    Effective Friday, February 15, 2013:

    AC Transit Line #60 will stop at the Student Services & Administration (SA) Building. AC Transit will no longer stop at the Recreation & Wellness Center or at Warren Hall.

    CSUEB Shuttle will only stop at the Recreation & Wellness Center bus stop. The shuttle will no longer stop at Warren Hall.

    Times for both AC Transit and the CSUEB Shuttle will remain the same and will not be affected by these route changes.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office at (510) 885-3790.

    Warren Hall Demolition Project

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Warren Hall Demolition Project:

    As of February 15, 2013

    It is expected that the project perimeter fencing will go up on February 20th.
    At this time the schedule is still tentative. The schedule will be published periodically for the campus.

    The planned hours of construction work are Monday through Friday, 7am to 5 pm.

    The General Contractors will erect a fence around the perimeter of the project area to keep non-project persons clear
    of construction hazards.

    Vehicle Traffic:
    West Loop Road will also be closed to through traffic commencing approximately March 4th to through traffic for about seven weeks during the demolition of the bridge.

    Pedestrian Traffic:

    Two pedestrian tunnels will be built at West Loop Road on the east side of the bridge to protect
    pedestrian entering and exiting the Library from West Loop Road.

    There will be additional truck traffic on West Loop Road, Carlos Bee Blvd. and Harder
    Road throughout the project. As you know, the speed limits on campus are 15 mph and 25 mph.
    Please be patient and, if necessary, plan to arrive earlier to ensure you can get to your destination on campus


    Accessibility Services

  • brian

    i may have to go back to riding my bike to work. i’m right in the loop, at the movie theatre.

  • Teresa Conti

    Here is the city of Hayward’s look at the loop.
    My opinion: Yuch!


  • Monica

    Thanks Theresa. I don’t get it at all. I don’t understand how it’s supposed to be so wonderful for local residents. There is an update meeting presented by city staff at 9 am tomorrow morning at city hall. I might go.

  • Teresa Conti

    It is not wonderful for anyone. Some places are almost impossible to get to once this goes into effect. I wonder if there is a good location to view the honking and frustration when this goes into effect. Not to mention the wrecks. Lord I feel sorry for those who don’t venture into Hayward very often. They are in for a surprise. I guess I will mostly write off this part of town. Sad.

  • Teresa Conti

    If someone gets a petition together to end the loop, I will happily sign it.

  • Monica

    If you follow the hayward chamber of commerce on facebook today they posted that the loop is going to make it easier (paraphrasing) for residents to get downtown. Sounds like they’re trying to convince themselves. The city engineers are convinced that this is the best idea ever. I’m not sure about the current council. I know Sweeney was opposed to it and voted against it but I’m not sure where the current board stands on the issue. I’ve read that Zermeno is in favor of the loop. I cannot find any other city that has implemented a loop. I’ve googled it in many ways and nothing comes up that’s similar to what’s happening here.