Parking enforced downtown Hayward

I noticed several parking tickets this week on windshields of cars along B Street between Foothill and Watkins, where there is a two-hour time limit on parking. I also noticed that tires were being chalked on cars parked in 24-minute spaces between Bank of the West and Bijou Restaurant.

Merchants have complained in the past about cars parking for hours in front of their stores, causing their customers to have to park far distances from the shops — or sometimes decide not to stop.


  • Monica

    So who do these cars belong too?

  • Michael Moore

    I am guessing that they are the cars that belong to local residents who have too little parking for their units, or did until they started to get ticketed.

  • Monica

    I wonder how many residents there are on B St. I don’t have a clue.

  • I saw them on B street between Foothill and Watkins. Other than the Green Shutter Hotel, I don’t know of any residences upstairs from the businesses, but there could be some.

  • Monica

    I know some of the merchants park in front of their establishments all day.

  • Teresa Conti

    Will this still be a problem after the loop? I doubt it.