Girding for the Hayward traffic loop

The city of Hayward has started its campaign to let people know that some downtown streets will become one-way on March 15.

The city hired someone to put together an explainer that is going in water bills and is online. It contains some interesting statements: “The Loop is easy!” “The Loop is a small change with a BIG new look for Downtown!” “Easy Access to all Downtown Businesses.” Hmmm.

There also is a typo in the insert that was sent out to many water customers and on big signs along Mission Boulevard between A and B and near the main library: It refers to Off the Gird. As gourmet food truck followers know, that should be Off the Grid.

In fairness, a Hayward official said the typo was pointed out by city staff. But apparently not soon enough.

The city also has made a video explaining the loop. It has little colored cars speeding through downtown with cheerful music in the background. The voice-over refers to “the downtown one-way traffic circulation, or the ‘loop’ as it’s more affectionately called.” Gosh, I can’t remember the loop and “affectionately” being used in the same sentence.

Check it out at www.youtube.com/watch?v=09hSr8GlPq4&feature=youtu.be. There’s also a link at http://user.govoutreach.com/hayward/faq.php?cid=14252, but I couldn’t get it to load.

(Sorry, but I have not been able to get links to work on this blog. Working on it.)

Starting March 15, Foothill will be one-way north between its intersection with Jackson Street-Mission Boulevard up to A Street. A will be one-way west between Foothill and Mission, and Mission will be one-way south from A down to the Jackson-Mission-Foothill intersection.


  • Monica

    I find it interesting that the day chosen to implement the loop is a Friday.

  • The plan is to start changing things over at 8 p.m. Friday after the commute has wound down, with A Street being shut down first, and then Foothill about 10 p.m. and Mission after that, from what I understand.

    The idea is to sort of give it a test run over the weekend when there’s lighter traffic before Monday’s commute.

    City officials say there will be police officers helping with traffic both Saturday and Monday.

    As you probably know, Friday night is pretty busy downtown already. It could be a real challenge to navigate with closed streets, streets going the other way, etc.

  • Monica

    That’s so bizarre. I’m just dumbfounded.

  • Michael Moore

    I live in North Hayward and am looking forward to the loop.

  • Monica

    I’m not.

  • Teresa Conti

    Does anyone know why the HUSD had a special meeting on the 6th? Was it about the 10 administrators and 7 teachers they fired?

  • Monica

    I haven’t been keeping up on HUSD. Who did they fire?

  • No, they’re considering sending out potential lay-off notices for all principals and vice principals.


  • Teresa Conti

    The loop is in? Yet,the road project is not done. Where is John by the way? I miss him for some reason. Although I know the rest of you don’t I think.

  • Michael Moore

    Teresa, I am sure that John could regale you with his contributions to the Loop, how his design and contributions ensure the success of the venture and his advocacy of the town hall meeting to further the understanding and needs of the community. No, I do not miss him. He is likely either in support of
    Francis or in opposition. We can both do without a conservative Pope. It is time that the church became a part of the twenty-first century and not the repressive organization it is today.

  • Teresa Conti

    Saw Twitter from Ms. Parr who is waiting to tour the loop with a Councilman – stated she had seen several cars driving the wrong way – No kidding!

  • For those who are wondering about Mr. Kyle…His wife passed away, suddenly, about 2 weeks ago. I am sure he is just trying to survive life without her.

  • Sherry Blair

    Michael, what do you think about Pope Francis?

  • Michael Moore

    I think he is starting off in the right place. He has been Pope only eighteen days. If he is real and is deeply committed to setting the standards and getting back to the basics of being like Jesus, I applaud and support his efforts. He is doing an excellent job of representing a new/old version of what Christianity is supposed to be all about. So far he is a refreshing change from Benedict 16, John Paul II, Paul 6, John 23 and Pius 12. These are the Popes I know. The others are historical.

    As you know I am not a fan of the Papacy and the Vatican. I am a fan of Jesus Christ and I can tell you that legacy of the Papacy since Pius is horrible. Francis is doing a change. I will wait and see if it is merely spin or if he is real. John Paul only lasted a couple of weeks longer than Francis so far.

    I will become a fan when I see a divestiture and redistribution of the billions held by the Vatican without taxation, an active program for distributing the wealth, advocacy of Gay Marriage, an end to celibacy, Nuns welcomed as Priests, Gay Adoption, Child Abuse prosecuted by the Church and an end to the shielding of sexual predators by the Church.

    It could happen. Francis could do it. I have always thought that was why John Paul was murdered in the first thirty three days of his Papacy.

    Francis has always been very conservative in line with John Paul 2 and Benedict 16. He is no fan of the change that needs to happen in the church. Of course God talks to him directly so perhaps the change will happen in this Third Millennium.

  • Sherry Blair

    So far, so good.I certainly think people are waiting for a change.

    I have been comparing the Pope with the Dalai Lama and the Vatican with Tibet. They seem to be the opposite of each other in many ways, i.e. the new Pope bringing his own values from so far away to the strong central governmentat the Vatican vs. the Dalai Lama in exile carrying his message outward from Tibet to the rest of the world. Both needed, I think. I think the world needs both.

  • Michael Moore


    I am not so sure about the comparative qualities of the Dalai Lama and the Pope. I have had the privilege to meet John Paul 2 when he visited Laguna Seca and I met the Dalai Lama in San Francisco during a conference we were both at. Both men seemed very close to God.

    As I understand more about the World, I have found that the facts of traditional Tibetan Buddhism and the role of the lamas and specifically of the Dalai Lama in particular have aspects that are very repellent. I am pretty sure there are a number of aspects of Tibet and the roles of the nobility and the continuing traditions of slavery in Tibet prior to the Chinese invasion that are less than wonderful.

    Of course these are no less disturbing than the role of the Church, which does not need to be reexamined here.

    In short, the Dalai Lama I guess is needed. I think he is atoning for his past and attempting to establish a legacy that will preserve the popular image of Tibet. I think he is a very dedicated man, but I believe he is a Tibetan first and a man for Mankind second.

    Based on Francis’s lack of action in demanding accountability from the Argentine military and civil authorities regarding the massive numbers of kidnappings and political murders during the time of the Generals, I believe it will be very hard to atone for this. I believe his actions as Pope are to make good for his failings in Argentina. Again, once more he is first Argentine and then for Mankind. The World needs folks to stand up and do the right thing. Neither of these two have done enough yet.

  • bill correa

    This traffic loop is so stupid. I have to drive out of my way just to go somewhere that is nearby. I got caught up in traffic and couldn’t move over to get off Foothill. Who the hell is running this town. I will no longer go to downtown Hayward for anything! It’s too much hassle. This is almost as bad as someone wanting to build a hiring hall for illegal aliens! Bill