Castro Valley Class of 1963 plans reunion

CASTRO VALLEY — The Class of 1963 graduated at the beginning of what would become the turbulent 1960s. Those high school seniors saw a lot of changes over the next decade, and listened to a lot of great music.

Fifty years later, Castro Valley High School 1963 grads are planning a reunion the weekend of Sept. 21. Tentative plans include a casual get-together Friday evening, a Saturday barbecue/picnic and a Saturday evening main event.

Reunion organizers are compiling a contact list and ask that all 1963 Spartan classmates email Tara O’Leary at olearytara@mac.com.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it appears that Castro Valley High students were called the Spartans before the school merged with Canyon High School and Canyon became a middle school.


  • Monica

    Rebecca are you from Castro Valley?

  • http://www.insidebayarea.com/hayward rparr

    Why do you ask?

  • Monica

    Because in the past blogs on Castro Valley were not posted as often as you’re posting them.

  • Michael Moore

    Monica, if we were to use the past as any example of anything, it would be that Hayword is less about the outlying areas than it is about Hayward. Of course someone could go out and ask John about the details and I am sure he would have a lot to say, especially about his Dad’s career as an Oakland cop, his struggles to gain top marks in school and the challenge of raising children and his deep felt interest in the Church, Real Estate, the HUSD, the Airport noise ordinance and his singular achievements in doing everything first.

    Who cares where Rebecca is from. What I would like to see is regular posting of articles about Hayward and its adjacent communities.

    This blog could be really good and informative if only we had more opportunity to share, without becoming trolls.

  • Teresa Conti

    If I recall, the last guy started out just covering news in Hayward. Then as the staff was cut, he would up doing news in other areas as well. Seemed like however, even though this blog was about CV and SL, and the were other reporters, he was the one who put stuff on here, so it was mostly Hayward.

  • Teresa Conti

    My sympathy and prayers to John Kyle on the recent loss of his wife.

  • Teresa Conti

    Here is an article about Mrs. Kyle. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/insidebayarea/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=163366203#fbLoggedOut

    I knew an All Saint’s Church member had died on a senior outing recently. Didn’t realize it was Mrs. Kyle.

  • Michael Moore

    I will add Joanne Kyle to my list of souls to be redeemed.

  • Teresa Conti

    Go Spartans! From a classmate from 1973.

  • Teresa Conti

    Go Spartans! From a classmate from 1973. The worst part of the switchover to the Trojans so that the folks from the other high school could pretend that the CVSH folks were at a new school, was they didn’t even change any of the mascot drawings or stuff, they just called it Trojan. Great.

  • Teresa Conti

    So much for school spirit,etc.

  • Sherry Blair

    Monica, about R.Parr, I found this on Google:http://www.ibabuzz.com/hayword/who-are-we/