Now that would have been cool

HAYWARD — A rumor was circulating that the city planned to use a helicopter to put the last two signal bridges in place along Foothill Boulevard.

Not so, says Morad Fakhrai, Hayward’s director of public works, engineering and transportation.

He said someone did actually check to see if using a helicopter would make sense. Turns out the signal bridges would be too heavy for a helicopter to lift.

Instead, two cranes will be used to install the bridges sometime this week. The work will be done late at night.

Meanwhile, drivers and pedestrians are adjusting to the new one-way traffic loop. Hayward police were stationed at major intersections Monday morning with lights flashing on their cruisers, mostly to try to get motorists to pay attention. Old habits die hard.

A lot more motorists were using B Street on Monday. There didn’t seem to be as many wrong-way drivers on the loop.


  • Alex

    I’ve noticed alot more drivers are using Main Street now as well to get between north and south.

  • Update: City now says both bridges will be installed Wednesday night.

  • Teresa Conti

    Unless riding the loop benefits you, Main Street is the way to go downtown. Sadly, if you are using downtown, the loop doesn’t help because it is designed to skip this area. This was a very silly idea.

  • I would say that Main Street is not the way to go. So many people mistakenly think it’s faster than Mission (which is not correct), that Main has been backed up. Same with B Street. The loop “short-cuts” aren’t. I think if you did a comparison, you would actually find Mission faster, even if you want to access downtown.