Swalwell sightings

Congressman Eric Swalwell has been popping up in the area lately. He held a press conference March 9 on B Street in downtown Hayward to talk about his proposed small-business tax-relief legislation, the first bill he has introduced since taking office in January.

On March 23, he led a short bike ride through San Lorenzo and Hayward.

His latest? This past Monday, he tagged along with a Lake Chabot park ranger as part of his “In Your Shoes” monthly events. He was photographed driving a cart and talking with a ranger about improvements that were made to make the park more accessible for those with disabilities.


  • Michael Moore

    As a lifetime Democrat, Eric Swalwell is an affront to nature. He is a Republican. Just listen to him on key issues. This man is a menace. He needs to be a one term Congressman.

  • Teresa Conti

    But he hides it really well. Really well.