Hayward police blotter, April 1-7

Hayward police blotter for April 1-7:

Monday 4/1/2013
The Hayward Police assisted the Hayward Fire Dept. in the area of Depot Rd and Industrial Bl. for a toxic chemical spill. The spill was not serious enough to require evacuations and the area was clear of emergency personnel by 11:00 AM
HPD responded to Prospect St at the request of Hayward Fire. An unknown suspect put a possum under a milk crate and set the possum on fire. The milk crate caught fire which in turn cause a minor structure fire. The fire was quickly extinguished and the possum had to be humanely dispatched at the scene. No known suspects at this time
7:30 PM
Officers responded to the 28900 block of Vagabond St regarding a traffic collision that turned violent. The suspect and victim were involved in a minor traffic collision and the (V) agreed to go with the suspect to the suspect’s home to exchange the required information. The suspect brandished a firearm at the victim and fled in a vehicle. Responding officers located the suspect a short time later and arrested him. Officers found two firearms in the suspect’s vehicle. The victim was not injured in this incident.
Tuesday 4/2/2013
11:36 PM
A lone male was walking home from South Hayward BART when two suspects approached him and demanded money. One of the suspects brandished a firearm and fired one round into the ground when the victim didn’t move quickly enough. The suspects took property from the victim and fled on foot. The victim was not injured.
Thursday 4/4/2013
5:29 PM
The victim of a recent stolen vehicle case called HPD to report that they had seen their vehicle in the Target parking lot on Whipple Rd. The responding officer located the vehicle as it was leaving and followed the vehicle to Home Depot just down the street. The officer utilized his patrol vehicle to block the suspects in. Responding officers assisted in taking four juveniles into custody for the stolen vehicle case.
8:28 PM
A robbery occurred in the 400 block of West A Street when a suspect walked up to the victim and brandished a knife. The suspect took property from the victim and fled on foot. The suspect is at large and the victim was not injured during the incident.
Friday 4/5/2013
Officer responded to a hotel in the 24000 block of Mission Bl. when suspicious activity was reported and prostitution was suspected. Investigating officers located a juvenile who had recently run away from home and was being unwillingly trained to be a prostitute. The suspect was identified and arrested.
Crime Prevention Note: Human Exploitation and Trafficking is a serious crime. Pimps will often prey on young juvenile females who have run away from what they perceive as difficulties at home. The suspects will then threaten the young girls with harm if they try to flee. Help prevent these predators from taking advantage of young girls by stressing the dangers of such occurrences to anyone who may be affected.
6:07 PM
An 81 year old female was walking toward Kaiser Hospital when a suspect approached her from behind and attempted to take the victim’s purse. The victim did not release her purse and the suspect pushed the victim to the ground. The suspect was able to get away and the victim suffered moderate injuries from the fall.
Saturday 4/6/2013
4:00 AM
Officers responded to a business in the 400 block of Harder Rd regarding a burglar alarm. The attentive officers found a suspicious vehicle in the area and discovered that it was occupied by two people. Evidence on the suspects indicated that they were responsible for breaking into the business and video surveillance from the business confirmed it. Both suspects were taken into custody for burglary.


  • Teresa Conti

    The above is why walking to street parking from the South Hayward BART station is not a great idea.

  • Michael Moore

    Rebecca I am so pleased to see that you are posting articles for comment. Thank you. I hope all Haywordians respond and comment.

    For instance, the Serial Killer in Training [SKIT] who was responsible for lighting the possum on fire is a danger to everyone. When this little monster grows up everyone is at risk. He will never get better and will only get worse. Let us hope that he is caught soon and possibly brandishes a weapon and ….