Hayward police blotter April 8-14

April 8, 2013
1:46 AM
HPD and Hayward Fire responded to a vehicle on fire in the 31000 block of Chicoine Ave. The owner of the vehicle had no idea why someone would set fire to his vehicle. The incident is being investigated as an arson.

11:43 AM
A strong arm robbery occurred in the 700 block of B St. when a female suspect approached the victim and asked to use a cell phone. The victim provided a cell phone and the suspect took it and fled. The victim chased and caught the suspect but was pushed to the ground and the suspect got away. The victim was not injured and the suspect is not known at this time.

5:07 PM
Officers responded to the 200 block of Boardwalk Way for a male who called 911 and mentioned suicide. When officers located the male, he said he wanted the police to kill him. As the officers tried to negotiate with the irrational man, he began walking backwards into traffic and toward oncoming vehicles. Another officer was able to approach the male from behind and the police took custody of the man without injury or further incident.

April 10, 2013
3:40 PM
A strong arm robbery occurred in the bus loop at Chabot College. The victim was talking on her cell phone when she was approached from behind by the suspect. The suspect ripped the cell phone from the victim’s hands and fled on foot.

6:35 PM
Officers responded to the 400 block of Rousseau St regarding a brandishing a firearm incident. The victim and several young children were standing in front of a residence when a car occupied by 3-4 subjects drove by slowly. An occupant pointed what was believed to be a shotgun at the victim. The address is known to HPD as associated with gang activity and the suspects are believed to belong to a rival gang. No one was injured and the case is under investigation.

8:18 PM
HPD units went to the Lucky store at 25151 Santa Clara St to investigate a theft that just occurred at the store. As officers arrived, they spotted the suspect fleeing in a vehicle. The vehicle yielded to a traffic stop but the driver then threw a lit cigarette and hit an officer in the face. The suspect then became combative with officers and bit one officer on the hand. Words and actions by the suspect revealed that this incident was actually a robbery and the suspect was taken into custody and charged accordingly.

9:24 PM
HPD went to an apartment complex in the 600 block of Shepherd Ave for a man with a gun call. Upon arrival, officers saw the suspect flee over fences. Officers searched and ultimately found the suspect nearby. An article search revealed that the suspect dropped a handgun when he saw the police. The suspect was also connected to an earlier auto theft and was taken into custody with another firearm taken off of the street.

April 11, 2013
2:36 PM
A resident in the 27700 block of Tyrrell Ave notified police of an auto burglary in progress. When officers arrived, they located the suspect who violently resisted arrest but was taken into custody.

9:35 PM
A strong arm robbery occurred in the 24000 block of Mission Bl where the victim agreed to meet a potential buyer for a cell phone the victim advertised on Craigslist. The victim was confronted by two suspects who took his cell phone and fled on foot. The victim was not injured and the suspects are unknown. ***Crime Prevention Note*** This is the third time in three weeks that similar robberies have occurred as a result of a would-be buyer who steals the victim’s property after the victim advertised on Craigslist.

5:20 PM
An armed robbery was reported in the 1600 block of D St. The victim and a friend were walking on the sidewalk when the robber approached them and demanded the victim’s cell phone. The suspect pulled up his shirt to reveal a handgun. The suspect took the victim’s phone and fled on foot. The victim was uninjured and the suspect is not yet known.

April 13, 2013
6:15 AM
HPD and Hayward Fire went to the 24000 block of Silva Ave regarding a car that was on fire. The incident was deemed to be an arson based on evidence at the scene. The victim believes an acquaintance may be responsible in response to an earlier argument.

4:00 PM
A strong arm robbery occurred in the 800 block of C St when a juvenile male reached over the victims shoulder and grabbed her iPad out of her hands. The victim tried to hold onto the suspect but he was able to get away and is still at large.

4:00 PM
HPD investigated a carjacking in the 400 block of A St. The victim was selling her vehicle and agreed to meet a potential buyer. While her back was turned away from the vehicle, the buyer pointed an unknown object into her back and demanded her car keys. The suspect took the car and fled. The victim was not injured.


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