Cinco de Mayo celebration in Hayward

HAYWARD – The city will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Saturday, May 4, at City Hall Plaza, 777 B St.

The day will be filled with entertainment, starting with karate with Morning Glory at 10 a.m. The activities are free, but there is a charge for food and beverages.

The rest of the entertainment lineup:
• 11 – Coro del Kínder de Burbank School
• 11:15 Coro de Bridges Academy at Melrose
• 11:20 – Dancing horses and Banda
• 11:30 – Balé Folclórico Jalisco
• 12 – Ballet Folclórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno
• 1 – Ballet Costa de Oro
• 2 – Ballet Herencia Mexicana
• 2:30 Ballet Xochipilli
• 3 – Mariachi Juvenil de Hayward
• 4 – Ballet Tlapalli
• 5 – Danza Azteca
The celebration is hosted by La Alianza de Hayward, with the collaboration of the city of Hayward, Shasta, Kaiser, PG&E, Manada Roofing and others.


  • Michael Moore

    I was kind of hoping that there would be a representation of French and Austrian history, you know with good food and nice traditions and beer and song. Then the Foreign Legion stands firm, the Juarezisti stand up and suddenly the Frogs are on the wall and new Mexico is established for the next fifty years. Viva Diaz.

  • Teresa Conti


  • Michael Moore

    Teresa, look in to your Mexican history…Cinco de Mayo is about Juarez’s undermanned and outgunned troops victory over the French and Austrian troops of Maximilian at Pueblo in Oaxaca. Their victory was great and I was hoping that French, Mexican and Austrian culture would celebrate the execution of the Austrian usuper placed on the throne by the French Emperor Louis Napoleon. I am glad you are not burdened by either the truth or history.