Hayward police blotter, May 22-26

From the Hayward police department:

The Jack In The Box restaurant on Winton Avenue at Clawiter Road was robbed. The suspect was described as a Black Male Adult, 20’s, 5’05, thin, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with the hood over his head, and his face covered by a light colored scarf. The suspect carried a black single strap messenger style bag, and was armed with a black semi-auto handgun. Nobody was injured.

On Parkside Drive a suspect attempted to break into a home by breaking a window in the backyard. The suspect fled when the alarm on the home sounded. An alert neighbor investigated the sounding alarm and saw the suspect run from the yard to a vehicle. The neighbor was able to obtain the license plate of the vehicle. Officers used this information to identify and detain the suspect, who was on probation for burglary, and the witness neighbor identified the suspect. The suspect was arrested for burglary and several related charges.

An informant reported that a woman brandished a knife at him in the downtown area. A Police Sergeant located the woman in the area and attempted to speak to her. The woman did not verbally acknowledge the Sergeant’s presence and attempt to speak with her. She suddenly reached into her purse and attempted to arm herself with a knife that was inside. She was restrained and determined to be a danger to herself or others and therefore detained for a psychiatric evaluation.


Hayward police blotter May 15-21

05/15 – An anonymous person reports a vehicle is engulfed in flames on the 3400 block of Enterprise Rd. Vehicle may have been an unreported stolen vehicle. Arson is still under investigation.

05/15 – Officers patrolling the intersection of Manon Ave and Shepherd Ave make a pedestrian stop for a violation of the Hayward Municipal Code. The subject flees and is shortly captured. The subject was found to be a Parolee at large.

5/15 – A citizen is walking in the area of Tennyson Road and Hesperian Blvd when she was approached by a suspect from behind her. The suspect knocked her to the ground and took her purse, which contained an undisclosed amount of cash. The victim sustained bruising to her head and was treated at a local hospital.

5/16 – Hayward Officers work with the U.S. Marshall Service to track down a murder suspect from New Orleans. Suspect is located at a local motel and taken into custody without incident.

5/16 – Citizen on the 27000 block of Mandarin Ave hears a loud bang the night before but does not report the incident to the police. When the home owner is out in his front yard, he notices a bullet hole in the front of his residence. Upon further inspection, the bullet traveled through two interior walls. There were no casings or other evidence located at the home. No one was injured during the incident.

5/17 – A bank on the 27000 block of Hesperian Boulevard was robbed. A male entered the bank and threatened to detonate an explosive device if the teller did not hand over the money. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

5/17 – A bank on the 700 block of Southland Drive was robbed. A male entered the bank and handed the teller a demand. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. It is unknown if there are any ties to the previous bank robbery on Hesperian Blvd.

5/19 – An assault with a deadly weapon (knife) occurred near the intersection of Grand Ave and Dean St around 0300 hours (3 a.m.). An adult female was walking in the area when she was approached by two suspects. The suspects then assaulted her with an unknown object resulting in 6-8 stab wounds. The suspects then fled in an unknown direction in an unknown vehicle. The female victim is in stable condition after being treated at a local hospital. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact the Hayward Police Department at 293-7000.

5/19 – Hayward Vice Officers conduct minor decoy operation to crack down on selling tobacco to minors. Three (3) minor decoys were utilized and sent into thirty-nine (39) random tobacco retailers throughout the city. Seven (7) retailers sold tobacco to the minor decoys. The owners/operators of the retailers were given citations for violations of the penal code 308, selling tobacco to a minor. One (1) retailer was cited for 119405 H&S (E-Cigarette Sale to Minor). In addition to the enforcement operation, Vice Officers inspected various smoke shops and found them to be in compliance with city and state requirements.

5/19 – At 1359 hours (1:59 p.m.) a resident of 2000 block of Darwin St. reported there were two males knocking on his neighbor’s door. The informant knew the neighbor, and did not know her to have visitors as described. The subjects went to the back of the home via a side yard gate, prompting the informant to call the police. He believed the subjects might be committing a burglary. As officers arrived in the area and attempted a stealthy approach two suspects fled from the home and over fences of other homes. One suspect was encountered on Bal Harbor Ave and he surrendered without further resistance. The second suspect fled north and then west. A perimeter was established but the search met with negative results. A county K9 and East Bay Helicopter assisted in the search.

5/21 – An informant calls the Hayward Police Department from the 25000 block of Cypress Ave advising of a subject sitting in a black Lexus with a concealed handgun in his waistband. An officer locates the vehicle leaving the area of Cypress and a high risk stop is conducted. During the initial contact with the subject, Officers locate a .40 caliber handgun. As officer continues the search, they also locate illegal narcotics packaged for individual sale. Subject arrested for handgun and sales of narcotics.

5/21 – Residents report a shooting into their home on the 27000 block of Mandarin Ave. An unknown suspect shot three times into the occupied residence but no one was hit. Residents said they thought they heard someone outside just prior to shooting and saw someone running away after hearing the shots. No suspects or vehicles seen.

5/21 – An officer is driving in the area of Sleepy Hollow Ave and Tennyson Road when he sees a white Toyota Supra slowly drive past him on Sleepy Hollow Ave. The officer recalled a White Supra being reported stolen from information given during his pre-patrol briefing. The driver quickly drove away after making eye contact with the officer. The officer saw the vehicle run a red light and crash into another vehicle. When the officer arrived to the crash scene, the driver had fled. A perimeter was set up and the suspect was later identified and arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.


Hayward open house June 1

HAYWARD — The city is holding a community engagement open house on Saturday, June 1.

Residents can get more information about volunteering with city boards and committees and the Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force. Representatives of Hayward Area Recreation and Park District will be on hand, along with several local nonprofit groups.

Mayor Michael Sweeney will give a State of the City address, and guest speakers will talk about being involved in the local community and volunteer opportunities.

Snacks will be available, and there will be door prizes.

Spanish translation services will be available.

Participants are asked to take at least one can of food to support local food banks serving low-income residents.

The open house will be 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at City Hall, 777 B St. Space is limited. To RSVP, call the city clerk’s office at 510-583-4444 or email cityclerk@hayward-ca.gov.


Hayward police blotter May 8-15

05/08 – A strong arm robbery occurred on Tennyson Blvd under the BART tracks. The victim was approached by the suspect who demanded the victim’s cell phone. The victim complied out of fear and the suspect fled on foot with the cell phone.

05/08 – Officers initiate a traffic stop on a vehicle near Manon/Harris. As the vehicle comes to a stop, the driver flees from vehicle. A short foot pursuit ensues and the suspect is apprehended a short distance later. The officers search the vehicle and discover nearly 1000 pills of ecstasy.

05/08 – A robbery with a handgun occurred on the 2200 block of W. Tennyson. The suspect approached two citizens and attempted to rob them of their belongings. Both victims were able to run away. The suspect then ran to a car wash on Aldengate where he pointed a gun at a third victim. That victim sprayed the suspect with water and then ran away. There was no property taken from any of the victims, suspect is still at large.

05/09 – An Officer responded to a group of juveniles hanging around a white four door sedan. Upon arrival, she found four of them standing outside the vehicle and one sitting in the rear passenger’s seat. After checking the vehicles registration, dispatch confirmed the vehicle was stolen. One of the juveniles was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

05/11 – A robbery occurred on the 2200 block of S. Garden Ave. The victim was walking along the sidewalk when a suspect asked the victim for a dollar. The victim replied he only had $100 bills. A second suspect brandished a knife at the victim and demanded all his money. The victim gave the suspect all his money and both Suspects fled to a white mini-van parked on S. Garden and drove S/B out of the area. Loss was $300 cash.

05/12 – An assault with a deadly weapon shooting occurred near Merritt Ln. and Lindenwood Way. The victim was shot one time in the stomach while standing in the street. The victim was associated with a garage party on the 1100 block of Merritt Ln., but witnesses and victim are uncooperative. Officers located 9mm casing at the scene. The victim in stable condition at local hospital.

05/13 – An attempted Bank Robbery: The suspect entered a bank on the 900 block of B Street. He presented the teller a demand note asking for all the $100 dollar bills. When the teller asked from which account, the suspect walked away with the note.

05/13 – Assault with a deadly weapon, slashing with knife: The victim and his girlfriend got into an argument at local hotel with 2 males and 1 female. One of the suspects used a knife or similar weapon to cut the victim’s face, requiring stitches. The victim and his girlfriend were uncooperative. Suspects have not been identified.


Scholarship Inc. honors 14 students

HAYWARD — Scholarship Inc. handed out $33,050 in scholarships to 14 seniors from Hayward schools earlier this month.

The students include:

Clint Evangelista, Cristian Castello, Kathleen Parra (Moreau Catholic High);

Jessica Camacho, Dana Carter, Jing Liang (Hayward High);

Siyou Song, Maryell Abella, Cameron Clerkley (Mount Eden High);

Mendelssohn Vargas, Gerardo Duran, Dolores Vargas (Tennyson High);

Falconery Barba and Jonish Hudson (Brenkwitz High).


Uncovering local history

HAYWARD — Cal State East Bay graduate students will share some of what they’ve learned about the area’s colorful history on Thursday, May 16.

The presentations include:

— Michael Burton, “Port Costa: Sustaining an Unlikely Coastal California Boomtown, 1879-1909;”

— Edwin Contreras, “Mexican Land Grants: The Case of Don Castro’s Rancho San Lorenzo;”

— Olga Kachina, “How Global History Became Local: The Memory of the 1918 Izhevsk-Votkinsk Anti-Bolshevik Uprising as It Is Preserved in California;”

— Andrew Levin, “BART: The Backbone for Who?”

— Bria Reiniger, “Salt of the Hayward Shoreline: The Oliver Salt Company;”

— Carlotta Falzone Robinson, “Designing a Unified City: The Aesthetic Ideals of the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition.”

The free talks begin at 5:30 p.m. at the Pancho Villa Event Center, 1026 B St. The event is a collaboration of the Hayward Area Historical Society, the History Department at Cal State East Bay and the Pancho Villa Event Center.


Eating for a good cause

HAYWARD — The Hayward Education Foundation is holding “Dine Out for Education” Thursday evenings through May as a fundraiser.

This Thursday, May 16, it will be at Elephant Bar at Southland Mall. On May 23, it shifts to Straw Hat Pizza at 1653 Industrial Blvd., and then to Chevy’s at Union Landing on May 30.

To take part, go to www.haywarded.org, print out the flier and take it with you to the restaurants. The restaurant will donate a portion of the price of your meal to the foundation’s teacher grant program.


Dobbs for superintendent?

HAYWARD — Hayward Unified’s superintendent, Donald Evans, is the likely next superintendent in Berkeley. No decision has been announced, but he’s the only finalist.

Teachers’ union president Mercedes Faraj suggested last week to the Hayward Unified board of trustees that it consider asking former Assistant Superintendent Stanley Dobbs to return as interim superintendent.

Dobbs is well-known and respected by Hayward teachers, staff members and the community. He was at virtually any event in the community during his time in Hayward, representing the school district. Dobbs gained a reputation for being able to get grants for the district and come up with innovative ways to generate money or reduce costs. With the help of Luci Rogers, director of business support services,
he turned the district around so that its budget ended the past two years in the plus column.

Dobbs left the district earlier this year to take a job in San Diego.

In her brief presentation, Faraj mentioned that the union, the Hayward Education Association, had heard rumors of the idea of appointing a current district administrator to the job of interim superintendent. She said that the new management team, some of whom have been on the job less than a year, seemed to be moving the district forward, and she expressed concern that changes to the management team would disrupt that progress.

Faraj also alluded to rumors about school board members possibly being considered for superintendent, but she expressed a preference that the board stay intact.

Under the Brown Act, the school trustees were not allowed to express opinions on Faraj’s remarks.


Hayward police ask residents to report anything suspicious

From the Hayward police department:

“Do not hesitate to call the police. It is important for the public to feel comfortable when calling the police. If you think you should call the police, dial (510) 293-7000 (non-emergency) or 9-1-1 for a life-threatening emergency or a crime-in-progress.

“Don’t assume that someone else has called the police. Don’t worry about ‘bothering’ the police and don’t worry about being embarrassed if your suspicions prove unfounded. It is better to act than to think about what could happen if you didn’t act at all.”


“The dispatch communications center is busy at times and may ask that you hold on the line. Please be patient. When your call is answered, be prepared to give complete information about who it happened to, what happened, where it happened, when or how long ago, and any weapons used. Give cross streets for locations and license plates for vehicle descriptions. It is also a good idea to update dispatch on information as situations change.

“Please remember that just because you see the police in your neighborhood frequently, or you see a patrol car pass by, that the police know everything that goes on there. They depend on you to be the eyes and ears for them. You have important information that they don’t always see or hear from a patrol car.”


Hayward police blotter April 30-May 5

Officers responded to a family disturbance on the 900 block of Snowberry Court. Officers were talking to the mother inside of the home when she disclosed her son said he would commit suicide if the police responded. The distraught man was inside of his closed bedroom when officers heard the sound of a shotgun being loaded. Officers were able to negotiate with the man and he surrendered. A loaded shotgun was recovered and seized for safe keeping. The man was detained for a psychological evaluation.

A robbery occurred at the Jack in the Box restaurant at Fairway Shops on Mission Boulevard. Two suspects wearing ski masks and black hooded sweatshirts entered the Jack in the Box and ordered all employees into the kitchen. The suspects were armed with a small semi automatic handgun. The suspects took cash from the registers and fled. Nobody was injured.

Officers responded to the 27100 block of Tampa Avenue regarding a suicidal 18 year old male. The mother of the subject reported he was upset, not taking his medications, and suicidal. She reported he was armed with a large kitchen knife and locked into a patio area. When officers arrived they found the subject on the patio holding himself hostage, alternately threatening to kill himself if the officers approached and asking the officers to shoot him. On duty crisis negotiators responded to assist. After about 50 minutes the negotiators were able to talk the subject into dropping the knife and surrendering. The man was detained for a psychological evaluation.

A suspect crashed an unreported stolen vehicle into a field at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Gibbons Street. Responding officers found the suspect driver was still in the vehicle. The suspect refused to comply with orders to get out of the vehicle, forcing officers to physically remove the suspect from the vehicle. The driver exhibited symptoms of alcohol intoxication and refused to submit to a breath or blood test. A warrant was obtained to require the suspect to provide a blood sample for testing.

A resident on the 22600 block of 7th Street heard about 5 gunshots around 22:30 hours the previous evening. In the morning she discovered her van was shot 5 times. The van was parked in front of the victim’s house. Nobody was injured.

Residents of Dean Street reported a suspicious van at the dead end of Dean Street. Responding Officers discovered it was a stolen vehicle with a different stolen license plate attached. The van was occupied by a female suspect and the van is believed to have been used to commit thefts and burglaries. The suspect was arrested.
***Crime Prevention Tip***
Reporting suspicious vehicles, persons, and activity can prevent crimes from occurring in your neighborhood. For more information about crime prevention and Neighborhood Alert Groups, please contact one of our crime prevention specialists at (510)293-7151 or (510)293-1043.

Officers responded to a report of a shooting at the intersection of W. Tennyson Road and Capri Avenue. Callers reported that occupants of two vehicles shot at each other. Officers responded and located expended shell casings in the roadway. Bullet damage was located on a parked unoccupied vehicle and on a nearby building. No victims were located.

A caller reported hearing six gunshots in the area of the 26200 block of Gading Road. Moments later an adult male subject approached the caller and stated he “just got jumped.” The subject appeared to have injuries consistent with being attacked, but no gunshot type wounds. The subject walked away before police officers arrived and was not located after an extensive area check. Officers located expended bullet casings in the intersection of Gading Road and Dumont Avenue. No shooting victim was ever located.