Dobbs for superintendent?

HAYWARD — Hayward Unified’s superintendent, Donald Evans, is the likely next superintendent in Berkeley. No decision has been announced, but he’s the only finalist.

Teachers’ union president Mercedes Faraj suggested last week to the Hayward Unified board of trustees that it consider asking former Assistant Superintendent Stanley Dobbs to return as interim superintendent.

Dobbs is well-known and respected by Hayward teachers, staff members and the community. He was at virtually any event in the community during his time in Hayward, representing the school district. Dobbs gained a reputation for being able to get grants for the district and come up with innovative ways to generate money or reduce costs. With the help of Luci Rogers, director of business support services,
he turned the district around so that its budget ended the past two years in the plus column.

Dobbs left the district earlier this year to take a job in San Diego.

In her brief presentation, Faraj mentioned that the union, the Hayward Education Association, had heard rumors of the idea of appointing a current district administrator to the job of interim superintendent. She said that the new management team, some of whom have been on the job less than a year, seemed to be moving the district forward, and she expressed concern that changes to the management team would disrupt that progress.

Faraj also alluded to rumors about school board members possibly being considered for superintendent, but she expressed a preference that the board stay intact.

Under the Brown Act, the school trustees were not allowed to express opinions on Faraj’s remarks.