Hayward police blotter May 15-21

05/15 – An anonymous person reports a vehicle is engulfed in flames on the 3400 block of Enterprise Rd. Vehicle may have been an unreported stolen vehicle. Arson is still under investigation.

05/15 – Officers patrolling the intersection of Manon Ave and Shepherd Ave make a pedestrian stop for a violation of the Hayward Municipal Code. The subject flees and is shortly captured. The subject was found to be a Parolee at large.

5/15 – A citizen is walking in the area of Tennyson Road and Hesperian Blvd when she was approached by a suspect from behind her. The suspect knocked her to the ground and took her purse, which contained an undisclosed amount of cash. The victim sustained bruising to her head and was treated at a local hospital.

5/16 – Hayward Officers work with the U.S. Marshall Service to track down a murder suspect from New Orleans. Suspect is located at a local motel and taken into custody without incident.

5/16 – Citizen on the 27000 block of Mandarin Ave hears a loud bang the night before but does not report the incident to the police. When the home owner is out in his front yard, he notices a bullet hole in the front of his residence. Upon further inspection, the bullet traveled through two interior walls. There were no casings or other evidence located at the home. No one was injured during the incident.

5/17 – A bank on the 27000 block of Hesperian Boulevard was robbed. A male entered the bank and threatened to detonate an explosive device if the teller did not hand over the money. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

5/17 – A bank on the 700 block of Southland Drive was robbed. A male entered the bank and handed the teller a demand. The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. It is unknown if there are any ties to the previous bank robbery on Hesperian Blvd.

5/19 – An assault with a deadly weapon (knife) occurred near the intersection of Grand Ave and Dean St around 0300 hours (3 a.m.). An adult female was walking in the area when she was approached by two suspects. The suspects then assaulted her with an unknown object resulting in 6-8 stab wounds. The suspects then fled in an unknown direction in an unknown vehicle. The female victim is in stable condition after being treated at a local hospital. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact the Hayward Police Department at 293-7000.

5/19 – Hayward Vice Officers conduct minor decoy operation to crack down on selling tobacco to minors. Three (3) minor decoys were utilized and sent into thirty-nine (39) random tobacco retailers throughout the city. Seven (7) retailers sold tobacco to the minor decoys. The owners/operators of the retailers were given citations for violations of the penal code 308, selling tobacco to a minor. One (1) retailer was cited for 119405 H&S (E-Cigarette Sale to Minor). In addition to the enforcement operation, Vice Officers inspected various smoke shops and found them to be in compliance with city and state requirements.

5/19 – At 1359 hours (1:59 p.m.) a resident of 2000 block of Darwin St. reported there were two males knocking on his neighbor’s door. The informant knew the neighbor, and did not know her to have visitors as described. The subjects went to the back of the home via a side yard gate, prompting the informant to call the police. He believed the subjects might be committing a burglary. As officers arrived in the area and attempted a stealthy approach two suspects fled from the home and over fences of other homes. One suspect was encountered on Bal Harbor Ave and he surrendered without further resistance. The second suspect fled north and then west. A perimeter was established but the search met with negative results. A county K9 and East Bay Helicopter assisted in the search.

5/21 – An informant calls the Hayward Police Department from the 25000 block of Cypress Ave advising of a subject sitting in a black Lexus with a concealed handgun in his waistband. An officer locates the vehicle leaving the area of Cypress and a high risk stop is conducted. During the initial contact with the subject, Officers locate a .40 caliber handgun. As officer continues the search, they also locate illegal narcotics packaged for individual sale. Subject arrested for handgun and sales of narcotics.

5/21 – Residents report a shooting into their home on the 27000 block of Mandarin Ave. An unknown suspect shot three times into the occupied residence but no one was hit. Residents said they thought they heard someone outside just prior to shooting and saw someone running away after hearing the shots. No suspects or vehicles seen.

5/21 – An officer is driving in the area of Sleepy Hollow Ave and Tennyson Road when he sees a white Toyota Supra slowly drive past him on Sleepy Hollow Ave. The officer recalled a White Supra being reported stolen from information given during his pre-patrol briefing. The driver quickly drove away after making eye contact with the officer. The officer saw the vehicle run a red light and crash into another vehicle. When the officer arrived to the crash scene, the driver had fled. A perimeter was set up and the suspect was later identified and arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.