Dobbs creates a stir in San Diego

Former Hayward assistant superintendent for business affairs, Stan Dobbs, who has been mentioned as a possible candidate for Hayward superintendent, has ruffled some feathers of the San Diego teachers union since taking over as chief financial officer with that district.

Dobbs has also overseen a bond sale in which he was able to secure low interest rates and tax-exempt financing. The $530 million will be used to repair, renovate and revitalize neighborhood San Diego schools.

Current Hayward Superintendent Donald Evans is leaving at the end of June to head up the Berkeley school district. Hayward trustees will be interviewing five candidates for interim superintendent this Saturday.

Last winter, Dobbs gave an interview to the online Voice of San Diego. He made some factual errors, including what teachers are paid, for which San Diego Superintendent William Korba issued an apology. However, an editorial in the San Diego Union-Tribune said that Korba did not challenge Dobbs’ assertion that the school board was essentially picked by and subservient to unions representing district employees.

Dobbs further maintained that union concessions on health benefits could solve many of the San Diego district’s financial problems, according to the Union-Tribune. In San Diego, 92 percent of the district’s budget goes toward salaries and benefits. That compares to 80 to 82 percent in Hayward, Dobbs said in his interview with Voice of San Diego.

During his time in Hayward, Dobbs earned the respect of the teachers union, staff and volunteers. He was at virtually every community event, and he managed to turn finances around so that Hayward schools finished the last two fiscal years in the plus column.


  • If the board of education selects Mr. Dobbs as its interim superintendent then there is no hope for our children. I don’t know how many of you watch(ed) the televised meetings, but this man was quite rude to the public and to the board when he was questioned about one of his pet technology projects. He left Hayward, abruptly, and now he is asking to be hired back after less than a full school year on a 3 year contract in San Diego. What message does that send to this community? If he were applying for a “regular” job his work history may come into question.

  • Teresa Conti

    The board is also filling a CFO position on Saturday. I guess he could actually be a candidate for both of these! He is on leave from San Diego, who is probably hoping he does not come back. They have a brand new superintendent.

  • Teresa Conti

    No comments on this selection yet? Wow. It will be interesting at the next meeting. On the agenda, the last item listed is the Dobbs contract.

  • Well Teresa it looks as if nobody cares about HUSD or that nobody is bothering to check this blog.

    According to postings on another blog, MR. Dobbs has some explaining to do regarding his ability to assume the roll as Superintendent. He has no California Administrative Credential and therefore cannot supervise, evaluate, discipline or perform other duties when it comes to any administrator in HUSD, that includes the senior staff and principals. He has never worked a day as a teacher, let alone the 3yrs that is required to receive an administrative credential. So I guess it’s business as usual at HUSD, decisions that do not serve the needs of children.