Hayward police blotter, June 3-9

06/04/2013 03:40 P.M.

Hayward Police Officers were flagged down by the victim of an armed robbery. The victim told officers he was robbed in the area of Soto Rd by two suspects armed with handguns who took his gold chain. The victim followed the suspects to a nearby apartment complex and then contacted a passing patrol vehicle. Officers surrounded the complex and then stopped the two suspects as they were leaving in a vehicle. Suspects were taken into custody and arrested for robbery.

06/04/2013 05:59 P.M.

Hayward Police Dispatch received a 911 call from the victim of a road rage incident. The victim advised that while he was in the area of West Tennyson Rd and Tampa Ave a male in another vehicle pointed a handgun at him. Hayward Police Officers responded to the area, located the vehicle and stopped the suspect. A replica firearm was recovered inside the vehicle.

06/05/2013 03:22 P.M.

A strong arm robbery took place in the area of Soto Road and Jackson Street; a male suspect forcibly removed a gold chain around the neck of the victim. The suspect fled on foot from the scene. The police were unable to locate the suspect after searching the area. The victim received minor injuries to his neck.

06/05/2013 08:04 P.M.

A male suspect robbed a business in the area of B Street and Vermont Street. The suspect entered the business and approached an employee from behind. The suspect simulated a weapon forcing the employee to give him money. The suspect fled from the business on foot in an unknown direction.

06/06/2013 03:18 P.M.

An armed robbery occurred to a business in the area of West Tennyson Rd and Manon Ave. The suspect entered a business, waited for customers to leave and then pulled out a handgun and demanded money from employees. Suspect fled the scene in an unknown direction.

06/07/2013 03:20 A.M.

A driver lost control of their vehicle, causing it to crash into a building on the corner of Foothill Blvd and A St. The building was damaged in the collision. Upon evaluation by the police the driver was determined not to be DUI.

06/07/2013 01:36 P.M.

There was an armed take-over robbery of a restaurant near Foothill Blvd and C St. Two suspects entered the restaurant with guns confronting employees and customers. Suspects took property from the customers and money from the restaurant. Police Officers responded to the area and detained subjects in the area. None of the property or weapons were recovered.

06/07/2013 04:35 P.M.

A male in the area of Westview Way and Harder Rd took his neighbors’ vehicle after threatening them. While leaving the scene with the vehicle the male shoots at the victims with a firearm. The suspect is located in the vehicle by Police Officers later in the day. The suspect is detained and a firearm is located in the vehicle.

06/08/2013 07:50 A.M.

There was a motor vehicle collision with one fatality in the area of Soto Road and Orchard Avenue. A motorcyclist collided with a vehicle parked in the driveway of a home. The motorcyclist was determined to have severe injuries and was immediately transported to the Eden Hospital Trauma Center. The motorcyclist was pronounced deceased after arriving at the hospital.

06/08/2013 08:34 A.M.

An armed robbery occurred to a restaurant in the area of Hesperian Blvd and Turner Ct. A suspect armed with a handgun confronted an employee and demanded money. The employee resisted and the suspect fought with him inside the business. The suspect left the scene with money from the register. The employee was treated for injuries at Eden Hospital.

06/08/2013 11:03 P.M.

An armed robbery occurred in the area of C St and Atherton St. The suspect approached the victim and pointed a gun at him demanding money. The suspect surrendered money to the suspect who then fled in the direction of the BART station.

06/09/2013 00:32 A.M.

Police Officer responded to a call of suspicious person with a firearm. Responding Officers located the suspect who had the firearm in his possession. Two victims come forward and advised that the suspect had brandished the firearm and made threats towards them with it. The suspect was arrested and transported from the scene.

06/09/2013 06:30 A.M.

Police Officers respond to a convenience store in the area of A St and Flagg St regarding a robbery. The suspect threatened the clerk with a weapon and then took a can of beer. The suspect was located nearby by Police Officers and taken into custody.