Hayward school board calls special meeting

HAYWARD — Hayward school trustees will meet Tuesday afternoon in closed session to discuss the appointment of an interim superintendent.

The board is scheduled to discuss and vote on a contract in open session at its regular meeting Wednesday, if a contract has been agreed to by both the school district and Stanley Dobbs. The board selected Dobbs as interim superintendent June 8, but the deal isn’t sealed until the contract is signed.

Dobbs, former Hayward superintendent for business affairs, left the district after 18 months of his 24-month contract to take a job as chief financial officer for the San Diego school district in December. In his time in San Diego, he has overseen the sale of previously approved bonds and was able to negotiate a low interest rate, according to a release from that district.

In his time in Hayward, Dobbs was able to turn the district’s finances around so that it was fiscally solvent at the end of the two fiscal years he was here. The district had been operating in the red for years.

Tuesday’s meeting begins at 4 p.m.









  • This meeting is illegal and a direct violation of the Brown Act.

    Ms. Parr you need to become educated in the laws that govern elected officials and public meetings. Had you taken the time to learn the Ralph M. Brown Act,you would have known that the meeting scheduled by the Board of Education was improper. For your edification: The Brown Act requires at least 72hours prior notice be given to the public. Clearly posting the agenda for this meeting yesterday did not allow for 72hours notice. BECOME EDUCATED IF YOU WANT TO REPORT ON EDUCATIONAL MATTERS IN OUR CITY!

  • While 72 hours is required for notification of a regularly scheduled meeting, only 24 hours is required for a special meeting, which this was. Brown Act, Section 54956

  • Wrong Ms. Parr, 24 hours is required for an emergency meeting. Furthermore the special meeting can only be called by the President or a majority of the board during a regular meeting, a special meeting or a workshop, otherwise the President must call for the meeting. Ask Mr. McGee if he called this meeting. If he didn’t and it was called for by a majority of the board then it was done through a serial meeting of three or more, which is a violation of the Brown Act. Check it out Ms. Parr; investigate, that is what reporters do.

  • There are two ways to call a special meeting, which is not the same as an emergency meeting, which is an unusual situation with different guidelines under the Brown Act. In one scenario regarding special meetings, a board member contacts the superintendent requesting a special meeting. The superintendent then contacts the members of the board, and if a majority responds to the superintendent agreeing with the trustee requesting a special meeting, it is called.

  • Thank you Ms. Parr