Hayward police blotter July 15-21

07/15/2013 4:30PM
A community vigil was held at W. Tennyson Rd. and Calaroga Ave. marking the two year anniversary of the Johntue Caldwell homicide. This homicide is still under investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Hayward Police Department’s Homicide Investigations Unit at (510) 293-7034.

07/15/2013 7:50PM
Hayward Police Department’s Special Response Unit (SRU) was deployed to Oakland for a mutual aid request. Protesters took over Interstate 880 freeway and downtown area committing acts of violence and vandalism.

07/17/2013 5:01AM
A robbery/assault with a deadly weapon occurred at the 7-11 Store at 2175 Aldengate Ave. Two suspects entered the store, and struck the clerk in the head with a bottle. Both suspects stole merchandise inside the store and fled. Suspects were described as Pacific Islanders in their 20’s. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Hayward Police Department’s Robbery Unit at (510) 293-7034.

07/17/2013 11:46PM
A robbery occurred in front of 27467 Manon Ave. Two suspects, one armed with a handgun and the other with a shotgun, robbed a person of their personal property in front of the apartment complex. The suspects are described as Black male adults, 20-30 years old, 5’8”, 170 lbs and wearing dark clothing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Hayward Police Department’s Robbery Unit at (510) 293-7034.

07/21/2013 7:30AM
The Hayward Police Department conducted an arrest warrant, and probation search, sweep regarding individuals with a criminal history of stolen vehicles. The sweep was citywide and included local hotels and motels.


Hayward police blotter July 1-7

4:04 a.m.
A victim resident, located on the 2400 block of Alberta Court, reported he was awakened by noise in his home, and upon investigating the cause, encountered a suspect with a flashlight in the home. The suspect fled via the front door when confronted by the victim. The suspect stole wallets with credit cards from a dining room table, an X-Box console and a laptop computer. The victim could not provide a suspect description.

3:19 a.m.
An intoxicated female was riding her bike when she was reportedly struck by a vehicle, which was being driven by a male. The vehicle was described as an older red mini-van and it fled eastbound on Sycamore Ave. At least one caller advised the victim fell off of her bike and was not struck by a vehicle. The victim sustained a compound fracture of her leg and was transported to Eden Hospital.

9:58 p.m.
A citizen walked into the St. Rose Hospital ER with a gunshot wound to his neck. He advised the shooting occurred in the area of Seminole / Mantilla. An extensive search was conducted; however a crime scene was not located. The citizen/victim was transported to Eden Hospital. Injuries did not appear to be life threatening at the time.

11:18 a.m.
An elderly citizen was walking in the area of West Tennyson at Hesperian using her assisted walker when she had to jump out of the way of a large eucalyptus branch which broke and fell onto her walker. The citizen fell and her assisted walker was damaged by tree. The citizen was treated and released by a local hospital.

22:04 p.m.
Three suspects all in red clothing were seen shooting shotguns in the area of Ranker Court and Manon Ave. Officers arrive on scene, and found several shotgun and 45 caliber casings in the street. There was a large party on the Ranker Court with several people matching the description of the three suspects. Officers conducted a protective sweep of the apartment and located shotguns and a .45 caliber assault rifle. Witnesses refuse to ID anyone out of fear.

6:20 a.m.
Officers respond to a suspicious person with a weapon in the area of Murcia and Dean. Officers locate the individual and during a records check, the suspect is found to be a parolee at large with a loaded handgun. Suspect has gang affiliation and violent history. Suspect was taken into custody without incident.

7:17 a.m.
A victim resident called 911 reporting someone had shot into her home on the 27000 Block of Pompano Ave. The unknown suspect(s) shot at the residence. One round penetrated into the kitchen wall and came to rest on the table. The other round impacted the rear truck lid and window of a vehicle parked in the driveway. Eleven 9mm casings were located on the street.

11:11 a.m.
Hayward police and fire department responds to a medical emergency on the 22000 block of S. Garden Ave. A mother was holding her 15-month-infant while in her backyard patio, which is directly below second story window of the apartment. Her autistic son was upstairs and accidentally broke the window while jumping between beds. Shards of glass fell onto the mother and infant. Infant sustained a 2-inch laceration below left eye, near her nose. Infant was transported to Children’s Hospital. Mother had a shard of glass embedded into her right flank; she was transported to Saint Rose Hospital.

23:03 p.m.
A juvenile and two adults were accosted by three suspected gang members on the 500 block of Blanche Street. The three victims were patted down and their pockets were rummaged through by the suspects. All three citizens’ cell phones and cash were taken by the suspects. Suspects fled the scene on foot.

11:23 p.m.
A pedestrian ran eastbound across Hesperian Blvd, south of W. Winton Avenue. A northbound vehicle in the #2 lane struck the pedestrian, resulting in the death of the pedestrian. The driver and occupants of the vehicle remained at the scene. The driver appeared to be sober. The identity and sobriety of the pedestrian will be determined by the coroner.

5:45 a.m.
Union City PD called the Hayward Police Department to ask for outside assistance in their city for priority calls for service. Union City was investigating a fatal auto/pedestrian collision in their city. Officers were sent to Union City to assist.

3:53 p.m.
An armed robbery occurred on the 25000 block of Ironwood Ct. The suspect robbed the victim at gunpoint and then ran towards the Waterford Apts. The victim gave chase and lost sight of the suspect in the complex.

9:40 p.m.
The male victim and male suspect have recently been chatting online via an adult website. They agree to meet in the parking lot on the 1000 block of La Playa Drive for a sexual encounter. When the victim arrives, the male suspect gets in the front passenger seat and they began to talk. Within minutes, another male knocks on the window and brandishes a handgun. The suspect in the passenger seat tells the victim, “Give me everything” as the other suspect orders the victim out of the vehicle. The victim complies and the second suspect jumps into the driver’s seat and takes off southbound on Calaroga Ave with both suspects in the vehicle, leaving the victim in the parking lot. The victim’s vehicle is located within minutes unoccupied on the 26000 block of Kay Ave.

10:10 p.m.
A subject known to associate with a local gang was sitting in front of his home on the 500 block of Jefferson Street when a vehicle slowly drove past his home. A passenger in the vehicle was staring at the victim so the victim “flipped off” the suspect. The suspect responded by firing three rounds at the victim, but missed the victim and hit the occupied home. Nobody was injured.

11:50 p.m.
A citizen was walking home on the 100 block of Winton Ave when he was accosted by four unknown race males who jumped out of a dark colored SUV with tinted windows. The males were wearing all black clothing, and one was armed with a semi-auto handgun. The suspects chased down the citizen and punched him in the face causing him to fall to the ground. Once on the ground, the suspects took his cell phone out of his pocket and removed his shoes. All four suspects got back into the SUV and left the scene eastbound on Winton Ave.


A party to die for

SAN LORENZO — A Block Party to Die For will raise funds for the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery.

The party takes place from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday, July 27, at College and Usher streets. There will be tours of the historic cemetery, carnival games, crafts and food. Live music will be provided by the Bay Area Blues Society Caravan and Leo Oliver and the Blues Knockouts.

The Friends of the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery and the Hayward Area Historical Society are hosting the event, and all proceeds will support preservation of the cemetery.

The cemetery at Hesperian Boulevard and College Street in San Lorenzo recorded its first burial in 1854. East Bay historic figures William Meek and John Lewelling are among the 2,500 buried there.

Tickets are $10, or $5 for children and seniors. They can be bought at the event or in advance at 510-581-0223.


Hayward High band director steps down

HAYWARD — Bryan Holbrook, who has led the instrumental program at Hayward High School for several years, is stepping down and will instead teach elementary school music

Whoever takes over will have the proverbial big shoes to fill. Holbrook has built up the Hayward High music program and worked hard at community outreach, both within the district and the larger community. He has been tireless, working long hours and many weekends. The Hayward marching band has performed every summer at downtown’s last street fair of the season and at Light Up the Season. Holbrook has been recognized as Teacher of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce and has also received district honors.

In a Facebook post, Holbrook said he wanted to be able to spend more time with his family.

The Hayward school board restored funding for the elementary school music program earlier this year. For the past two years, Holbrook had run an after-school elementary music program at the high school. The first year, the instructors volunteered their time, but this past year, the district compensated them.


One-night-only reading at Douglas Morrisson Theatre

HAYWARD — A staged reading of Julia Cho’s “The Language Archive” is planned for July 30 at the Douglas Morrison Theatre.

The play is the third in this season’s “Bare Bones” staged reading series at the theater. In a bare bones presentation, actors read directly from the script, and the the staging does not include elaborate costumes, sets or props.

In “The Language Archive,” a linguist, George, is trying to record an elderly couple who may the last speakers of a dying language. The couple, Alta and Resten, aren’t speaking to each other, except in English.

George himself has trouble communicating, both with his wife and his assistant.

The play will have one reading, 8 p.m. July 30. Tickets are $10 and can be bought at 510-881-6777 or www.dmtonline.org. The theater is at 22311 N. Third St.


Hayward police weekly blotter June 24

06/24/2013 01:30 P.M.

Hayward police dispatch was contacted by the staff at Eden Hospital when the victim of a stabbing arrived at their emergency room. The victim was only able to provide vague details as to where the incident occurred. The victim told officers he was assaulted at a gas station somewhere in Hayward, but could provide no further details.

06/25/2013 01:10 A.M.

The Hayward Police Department contacted a victim suffering from a laceration to the head. The male was living in a homeless encampment to the rear of the Dixon Landing Apartments. The victim was unable to provide any details regarding their assailant.

06/25/2013 01:57 P.M.

Employees at a business at the intersection of Main Street and B Street called regarding a male shooting a BB gun. The male was firing at windows to the business from a second floor window of a nearby building. Hayward police officers arrived and contacted the male who was detained for further investigation. The BB gun was collected for evidence.

06/26/2013 12:30 A.M.

The victim to a shooting incident called Dispatch thirty minutes after an unknown person fired rounds into their home. Responding Officers found bullet damage to the victim’s residence. The victim received a minor injury from the incident and declined medical assistance.

06/26/2013 05:40 A.M.

A female victim was robbed by a single unknown male suspect near the intersection of Dixon St and Industrial Boulevard. The suspect took the victim’s purse after punching her in the face. The victim fled from the area on foot. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

06/26/2013 12:15 P.M.

An unknown suspect entered an occupied apartment through an unlocked door on Memorial Way. The suspect took cash and jewelry from one of the bedrooms of the apartment and then left. The other resident of the apartment was in their bedroom during the incident and was unaware of the theft until the victim returned home.

06/26/2013 09:29 P.M.

Hayward police department responded to a shooting into a residence on Newton Drive. Residents in the house heard a vehicle drive by the front of their residence and then heard four to five gunshots. There were no injuries to any of the occupants of the home. The residence had evidence of being damage by gunfire. Hayward police department is investigating the incident.

06/26/2013 11:55 P.M.

An armed robbery occurred to a business near the intersection of A Street and Arbor Street. Two suspects armed with handguns entered the business and took the victim’s wallet. After taking the wallet the suspects then shot the victim. The victim was taken for emergency medical treatment.

06/28/2013 02:10 A.M.

A shooting occurred at the intersection of West A Street and South Garden Avenue. The victim was contacted a short distance away by Alameda County sheriff’s deputies in a vehicle that was seen fleeing the scene. When questioned, the victim stated that an unknown intoxicated male began shooting at him for no reason. The victim was uninjured from the incident.

06/28/20131 10:13 A.M.

A domestic disturbance occurred at a residence located near Second St and Walpert Street. When contacted, the suspect and victim initially refused to allow responding police officers entry. The suspect and victim were eventually convinced by officers to come out of the residence and cooperate with the investigation.


Business comings, goings

HAYWARD — Famous Dave’s is close to opening at Southland Mall. A sign in front says it’s opening July 22. There’s also a sign indicating the barbecue chain is hiring.

Famous Dave’s is moving into the old Marie Callendar’s building facing Winton Avenue that has been vacant for some time. The barbecue restaurant was serving up food at the recent downtown street fair.

And in downtown Hayward on Foothill Boulevard between A and B streets, a Filipino restaurant is opening at the former crepes restaurant. I haven’t seen a sign showing when it will open.

The consignment shop at A and Foothill is closing. It’s started a going out of business sale. Meanwhile, a few doors down, Dollar Tree has been open for awhile.

The Zumba place that was on Foothill in the same block as the consignment shop and Dollar Tree has moved to B Street next to Eden Jewelry, near Mission Boulevard.

Avocado Freddy’s is scheduled to reopen July 26. It’s on Main Street near the Jackson-Mission-Foothill intersection (the building was formerly a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet) and close to Bret Harte Middle School and St. Regis Retirement Center Avocado Freddy’s is offering some specials with its reopening; check its website for details.

If you hear of other places opening (and yes, closing, sadly), please share. Thanks!


Experiencing the hunters of the air

HAYWARD — Ever want to get up close and personal with a bird of prey? Hayward Area Recreation and Park District is offering an adult-only session to experience the majestic beauty of falcons, hawks and eagles. Those attending will be able to meet the birds, and naturalists will share tips on identifying species, talk about flight techniques and share the birds’ skills.

Regal Raptors takes place at Sulphur Creek Nature Center, 1801 D St. Space is limited; advance registration is required.

Call 510-881-6700 or go to www.haywardrec.org, program #22616. Cost is $18. For more details, call 510-881-6747.