Understanding Ranked-Choice Voting

This PowerPoint presentation is the best explanation I’ve seen on Ranked-Choice Voting, also known as Instant Runoff Voting.

Click here to download the PowerPoint —> Understanding Ranked-Choice Voting

It was presented to the San Leandro City Council on Dec. 7.

The San Leandro council will decide on Jan. 19 whether to follow Oakland’s lead and make the switch to the new voting system.


North Face vs. South Butt

San Leandro-based apparel company The North Face  is unhappy with Jimmy Winkelmann, a 19-year-old St. Louis college student who founded his own apparel company, called The South Butt. Earlier this month, The North Face sued The South Butt for trademark infringement.

NPR, USA Today, AP, newspapers and television news have covered the case. Winkelmann says the ensuing publicity is driving traffic, and sales, to his Web site.  (That’s Winkelmann above.)

“If you are unable to discern the difference between a face and a butt, we encourage you to buy North Face products,” Winkelmann says on his site.


Letter sparks a war of words over San Leandro Hospital

Rajendra Ratnesar, chairman of the Eden Township Hospital District board, released “An Open Letter to the Community” to local media Tuesday, stating that efforts to save San Leandro Hospital are threatening all hospitals in the district.

State Sen. Ellen Corbett and board member Carole Rogers responded with sharply worded letters of there own.  Click below to read the letters…

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Quik Stop robbers nabbed

San Leandro PD says these two guys are in custody for the armed hold up of the Quik Stop at 1001 MacArthur Boulevard on Sept. 16.

The suspects are also believed to be responsible for a robbery on Aug. 31 at the 7-Eleven store at 333 E. 14th Street. 

Investigators identified Oakland residents Kenyatta Fudge, 22, and Ronald Carson, 29, as the suspected robbers. Fudge was arrested without incident after posting bail in Santa Clara County on an unrelated forgery warrant, and is in custody at the SLPD jail, police said. Carson is being held at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on a parole violation, and charges are pending against him for the robberies.

Police ask anyone with additional information to contact the San Leandro Police Department at 510-577-2740, or the anonymous tip line at 510-577-3278.


Grandma catches bike thief at sheriff’s flea market

The Alameda County Sheriff’s popular flea market fundraiser held Sunday in San Lorenzo had a moment of drama when deputies arrested a man who was selling a stolen bike.

A local grandmother noticed that the bike on sale looked suspiciously like the one that had been stolen from her grandson around 10 days before…

Man arrested after selling stolen bike at Alameda County Sheriff’s fundraiser


Baby Jane

Last Friday, County Supervisor Gail Steele, Lone Tree Cemetery general manager Thomas Gratny and Bobby Mattos of Bras & Mattos Monuments dedicated an engraved river rock to an unclaimed fetus that was found in Fremont on Dec. 7, 2007.

But without anyone noticing, the rock was engraved with the date 12/07/09!

Steele said Tuesday she is working to have the error corrected so that Baby Jane can be memorialized properly.

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