The HARD Way

Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Review will feature a story on the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District directors decision to fine the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Association $2,500 for violating its policy of using electric prods on horses during last May’s rodeo.

What do you make out of HARD’s decision?


Measuring up


The California Department of Education today released Accountability Progress Reporting results, and it was no laughing matter for area educators.

It’s basically a report card for schools and districts to see if they are making the grade when it comes to state and federal standards.

For the most part, area schools continued to improve when put to the state standard, but still struggle to meet federal expectations, which are rising each year.

While tomorrow’s headline will point out that fact, it does overshadow some of the hard work being done by teachers and students.

And while the education world has its own way of measuring school success, I’d like to know how you as a parent, student, teacher or resident measure a school’s success?


Get schooled

Area schools begin the new school year this week. Here are some tips on how to help your student have a successful year, from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell:

1. Put your children in bed earlier. Doctors recommend children in first through fifth grades get as much as 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep can affect children’s ability to learn, and may affect their immune systems.

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Blowing smoke?


No Smoking

Note to Hayward smokers: Time to start packing a measuring stick with your lighter and Camels.

As reported by Eric Kurhi in today’s Review, public puffing will net you a citation and eventual fine — unless you are 20 feet away from “public areas.”

How the new law will be enforced by police remains, to the say the least, cloudy.

Do you think the new law will deter smokers from lighting up in public?


Street talk

Students apparently are feeling threatened by the large amount of day laborers who hang out on Tennyson Road near Cesar Chavez Middle School.

During a school safety meeting held Tuesday evening at the campus, several girls described being the targets of whistles and verbal abuse on their daily walks to and from school.

City, police and school officials are working on ways to help improve the atmosphere for area students. Some are proposing that day laborers be banned from hanging around near the school at least an hour before and after school, while others would just like them removed from the area entirely.

Have any suggestions? Drop them here.


Twinkle, twinkle little…

STAR testing results are in. These are the results from the past spring-testing fever that should return in about 8-9 months or so.

For the most part, all area students improved upon last year’s mark of testing on par to state standards. Still, with the exception of Castro Valley students, less than 40 percent of local students fail to meet proficiency — the state’s favorite “P” word for kids who are mastering core subjects.

Check your school’s report here.

I’ve also provided a quick breakdown of area districts below:

Castro Valley Unified School District
English-Language Arts – 66.3 percent proficient or advanced
Math – 62.3 percent proficient or advanced
Hayward Unified School District
English-Language Arts – 32.6 percent proficient or advanced
Math – 31 percent proficient or advanced
San Lorenzo Unified School District
English-Language Arts – 34.6 percent proficient or advanced
Math – 32.3 percent proficient or advanced
San Leandro Unified School District
English-Language Arts – 37.4 percent proficient or advanced
Math – 33.8 percent proficient or advanced

More STAR-quality coverage in Friday’s edition of The Daily Review!


A resolution to a proposition

Study possible parcel tax. Check. Extend superintendent’s contract. Check. Oppose gay-marriage ban. Wait. What!?

San Leandro school board members are considering a resolution against the controversial Proposition 8, which if passed by voters in November would essentially ban gay marriage in California.

The resolution was proposed by trustee Stephen Cassidy, which sparked up a lively discussion among board members during their last meeting.

More about the possible resolution in this weekend’s edition of The Daily Review.

For now, what are your thoughts on school boards getting into issues that seemingly have no direct impact on public education?

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Make the grade

With the school year coming to an end, here’s one last final assignment.

Please take some time to evaluate your school district superintendent’s performance over this past year. To keep it simple, let’s limit the grading scale to satisfactory and unsatisfactory, and explain why.

Also include some highlights, lowlights, and some suggestions for improvement. Be sure to identify yourself as a student, teacher, parent, resident, etc.

Here are the list of area superintendents covered by the Review:

Jim Fitzpatrick, Castro Valley Unified School District
Dale Vigil, Hayward Unified School District
Dennis Byas, San Lorenzo Unified School District
Christine Lim, San Leandro Unified School District