Loma Prieta quake: Where were you?

We know you weren’t surfing the web when the ’89 quake hit. But what were you doing?

Our online production team has created a Loma Prieta Earthquake page in conjunction with the 20th anniversary. Check out the cool interactive map at www.contracostatimes.com/loma-prieta-earthquake or www.insidebayarea.com/loma-prieta-earthquake. Add a marker to show where you were and what you were doing at the time the quake struck.

The map is the first element on this page. Much more to come. Have fun posting and reading. And please share this link with others.


Web the vote

We’re trying a new feature for Election Day that lets readers call in and leave a voice message with their thoughts. We’re presenting the audio mp3s on our Web site and asking “How has this election changed the country? How has it affected you?”

You can call 510-495-1442 to comment. Our Interactive Department will listen to the recording and then post it live on the site. We ask that comments be kept to about 30 seconds or less.

We also have a live chat going…join the conversation with George Kelly as he checks with our reporters in the field and brings you coverage from additional sources.


A look inside the Review

Some of you are probably aware that there have been beat changes at the Review (as was mentioned in one of the blog comments). In late August, the Review and the Argus in Fremont adopted a structure in which reporters comprehensively cover everything in their towns — city government, education, crime and other various subjects that fall under the heading of that city (unless otherwise noted). Here’s a breakdown of who’s covering what at the Review:

    HAYWARD: Eric Kurhi
    SAN LEANDRO: Karen Holzmeister

Some of the more county-oriented governmental stuff is being taken care of by our county reporter at the Oakland Tribune, Chris Metinko. However, we are putting less emphasis on some of the more mundane governmental items and more emphasis on larger issues.

The restructuring was part of an effort to more effectively use the resources we have available. So please take note of who to contact when you have a story idea. It may not be who you were dealing with before. Everyone still has the same phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

And, as always, I’m at 510-293-2468 or ksantos@bayareanewsgroup.com.