Hayward Coffee With a Cop Saturday

HAYWARD — City police will hold a Coffee With a Cop on Saturday, Oct. 25.

The informal get-together will be 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. at John Muir Center (formerly John Muir Elementary School), 24823 Soto Road.

Residents are encouraged to drop by to voice any concerns, ask questions and get to know police officers.

For more information, contact Alicia Romero at 293-7179 or Gale Bleth at 293-7151.


Hayward police blotter Oct. 3-9

FRI, 10/3/14 at 5:10 AM, a CARJACKING took place on the 500 block of C Street. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department had a tow company tow a stolen motorcycle to their yard, as the victim was unavailable to pick it up. An unknown male entered the tow yard and began to wheel the motorcycle off the property. When confronted by an employee, the suspect brandished a pocket knife and started the engine. The employee attempted to close the yard gate, however, the suspect rammed it open and drove away northbound on Alice Street. The suspect was described as a White Male Adult, 5’9”, 160lbs, and balding. He was last seen wearing a plaid checkered shirt and blue jeans.

FRI, 10/3/14 at 5:23 AM, a SHOOTING INTO A VEHICLE occurred on the 25000 block of Gading Road. Unknown suspect(s) fired several rounds into two nearby parked vehicles and the exterior of an apartment complex. Fortunately the incident was limited to property damage and nobody was injured. There was no suspect information.

FRI, 10/3/14 at 10:18 AM, an ATTEMPTED ROBBERY occurred at B Street and Mission Boulevard. The victim was sitting on a bench holding his cell phone in his hand, when the suspect attempted to take it. The victim yanked his cell phone from the suspect’s hand and backed away. The suspect briefly chased the victim (eastbound) on B Street, but ultimately fled from the area. The suspect is a Black Male Adult, with a dark complexion, about 5’11”, with a thin build, and a bald head. He was last seen wearing dark blue jeans, a dark blue sweatshirt with gray sleeves and a thick white stripe that went across the chest.

SAT, 10/4/14 at 6:50 PM, a MURDER occurred on the 27000 block of La Porte Avenue. The Hayward Police Department was dispatched to a family disturbance call. A neighbor called to report that a subject had just walked up to him and said that he had stabbed his mother. Upon arrival, the officers detained a 20-year-old male wearing bloodied clothes, in front of him home. The officers searched the home and located a deceased 57-year-old female. The male was arrested and taken to the Hayward Jail. A media release was issued.

SUN, 10/5/14 at 8:00 AM, a SUICIDE occurred on the 27000 block of Manon Avenue. Care Home Staff advised police that they found the victim, an 86-year-old male, hanging by an electric cord in the closet of his room. The victim had only been at the facility for one week. No suicide note was found, but the victim was taking numerous medications for multiple health issues.

TUE, 10/7/14 at 11:34 AM, a STRONG ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 2200 block of Industrial Parkway West. The victim stated that the robbery actually occurred on 10/06/14, but did not report it until the next day. The victim said two suspects grabbed him and ordered him to give them his gold chain, belt and shoes. An Officer spotted a possible suspect on Stratford Road based on the victim’s description and detained him. The victim identified man who the officer’s detained as the suspect. The victim also noted the suspect was wearing the victim’s belt. The second suspect is still outstanding and was described as a White Male, late 30′s, balding, with tattoos on his neck. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. The primary suspect, who is already on probation for robbery, was taken to the Hayward Jail.

TUE, 10/7/14 at 4:11 PM, an ATTEMPTED RAPE occurred on the 300 block of West Tennyson Road. A male suspect pushed the victim to the ground and attempted to pull her pants down. The crowd of onlookers called 9-1-1 but no one intervened despite the victim’s plea for help. HPD officers arrived on-scene and interrupted the assault before the male was able to fully undress the victim. The suspect fought with the officers, in an unsuccessful effort to avoid arrest. The victim did not sustain visible injuries.

WED, 10/8/14 at 2:47 PM, a STOLEN VEHICLE was recovered on the 1500 block of Sumatra. An officer saw a stolen car stopped at the curb and saw two suspects loading property from a board and care home into the stolen vehicle. Both suspects were arrested and taken to the Hayward Jail. The owner of the stolen vehicle was notified, so he could pick it up.


Hayward police blotter, Sept. 25-Oct. 1

THUR, 9/25/14 at 12:56 AM, an ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON (Stabbing) was reported on Whitman Ave and Berry Ave. The informant called to report a fight in the street, during which a man was purportedly stabbed in the chest. When the officers arrived, everyone was gone and they were unable to locate any possible victim(s), suspect(s), or witnesses. Local hospitals were called but no possible victim(s) was found. A return call to the informant went directly to voicemail and a voicemail was left, but the informant did not call back.

THUR, 9/25/14 at 1:30 PM, a STRONG ARM ROBBERY occurred on the 300 block of Warner Ave. The suspect approached the victim from behind, threatened to hurt him, and demanded his MacBook. The victim handed his MacBook to the suspect, who walked away southbound on Pulaski Drive. The suspect was described as a Black Male, 30-35 years old, medium build, 5’11″, with short black hair. He was wearing a zippered yellow jacket and gray Adidas pants.

FRI, 9/26/14 between 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM, an ABC DECOY OPERATION was conducted by the Hayward Vice Unit. Twenty-two establishments were visited and two sold alcohol to the decoy minor. Administrative and “Notice-to-appear” citations were issued to the violators.

FRI, 9/26/14 at 5:04 PM, a MISSING JUVENILE AT RISK was reported on the 27000 block of Portsmouth Ave. The informant reported he was babysitting when he noticed the 4 year old boy was missing. He said the child had walked out of the home in the past, but was found in the front yard. After a quick search of the area including the residence, officers found the child asleep inside the home.

SAT, 9/27/14 at 9:46 AM, a VICIOUS DOG/BITE occurred on the 26000 block of Ventura Avenue. Several people called 9-1-1, when they heard screaming and gunshots from their neighbors’ home. When officers arrived, they discovered an 80 pound Pit Bull bit his male owner. After the owner was able to get the dog to release his bite, the dog attacked and bit his wife. The owner retrieved a handgun and had to dispatch the dog, to defend his wife. Officers found ten pounds of marijuana (ready to be shipped out of state) and five mature marijuana plants in the dog owner’s home. The male was arrested for possession of marijuana for sales and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

SAT, 9/27/14 at 10:06 PM, a TRAFFIC COLLISION (Rollover) occurred at Mission Boulevard and B Street. The two car accident caused one vehicle to rollover and the closure of Southbound Mission Blvd (between A St and C St) for about one hour. None of the involved parties suffered any critical injuries. An advisory was sent out to the public through Nixle.

SAT, 9/27/14 at 10:38 PM, a POSSIBLE NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM/LARGE DISTURBANCE occurred on the 50 block of Brookstone. Several callers reported a large house party, which devolved into a large fight in the street. Some callers advised they heard gunshots and one advised there were fireworks. When officers arrived, they found the revelers scattering, but no possible victim or any evidence to indicate a shooting did occur.

MON, 9/29/14 at 12:15 AM, a STRONG ARM ROBBERY occurred on Industrial Boulevard and Pacific Avenue. The victim agreed to purchase services from a prostitute. While making the payment, the victim was punched from behind by a second suspect and knocked to the ground. The suspects took the victim’s wallet containing visa cards, an ID, and $90. The first suspect (prostitute) was described as a Hispanic Female Adult in her late teens or early 20’s, with a thin build. The second suspect was a Black Male Adult, and stood 5’6″. He was last seen wearing a red checkered shirt. The suspects were last seen heading Westbound on Industrial Boulevard.

TUES, 9/30/14 at 2:38 AM, an ARSON occurred on the 24000 block of Amador Street. A resident was awakened by a neighbor yelling “fire!” in the victim’s apartment. The Hayward Fire Department responded to ensure that the small fire to the rear bedroom window was out. An investigation revealed an unknown suspect pried open the rear window, sprayed a flammable liquid inside, then lit it on fire. The victim told officers she was threatened a few weeks ago by an acquaintance.

TUES, 9/30/14 at 1:39 PM, a STRONG ARMED ROBBERY occurred in front of an Elementary School at Schafer and Gading. The victim was in front of the school buying an ice cream when the suspect walked up and ripped her gold chain from her neck. The suspect fled on foot and the victim followed him to the 700 block of Schafer Rd, where he was last seen jumping fences. The suspect was described as a Black Male Adult, 18-19 years old, 5’6”, with short black hair and red “twisties”. The suspect was last seen wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans. The victim was not injured during the incident.

TUES, 9/30/14 at 8:30 PM, an ATTEMPTED ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 25000 block of Whitman Avenue. The victim was parking his vehicle in front of his home when the suspect approached and asked for change. The suspect then pulled out a gun and demanded money. The victim quickly drove away and was not injured. The suspect is described as a Black Male Adult, 22-24yrs, 5’8”, and 160 pounds. He was last seen dressed in black, wearing a hoodie, and armed with a handgun.

WED, 10/01/14 at 9:15 PM, an ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON occurred on the 24000 block of Hesperian Boulevard. The victim, a non-uniformed security guard contacted the suspect in the business’ parking lot. They got into an argument and the male suspect struck the victim with a skateboard. The suspect was detained until officers arrived and arrested the suspect.

WED, 10/01/14 at 9:37 PM an ATTEMPTED CARJACKING occurred on the 26000 block of Manon Avenue. The victim was sitting in his car, when he was approached by two suspects. They began punching the victim and tried to pull him out of his vehicle. The suspects were unable to steal the vehicle and the victim was able to drive away. The suspects were described as two White Male Adults, 5’7” to 5’8”. One suspect had a slim build, and the other was heavy set.

WED, 10/01/14 at 11:40 PM, an AGGRAVATED ASSAULT occurred on the 1100 block of West Tennyson Road. The 60 year old male victim flagged down an officer to report that he was attacked by three female adults. The victim tried to purchase drugs from them, but they took his money and beat him up instead. The victim provided the officer with a description of the suspects and their van. The victim sustained injuries to his face and body and was transported to Eden Hospital. About 1:00 AM, an officer patrolling in the area stopped a similar van, during a DUI investigation. The officer noticed that the occupants matched the suspect description from the assault a few hours earlier. The officer also noticed that they appeared to have blood on their clothing and shoes. The three occupants of the van were identified by the victim as his attackers. The suspects were arrested and taken to jail for the assault, warrants, drug possession, and the driver for DUI.



Hayward police blotter Sept. 18-24

THUR, 9/18/14 between 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM, DIRECTED TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT led by Hayward PD’s Traffic Division, was conducted on Tennyson Rd and Baldwin St. The officers cited 36 people for a crosswalk violation. Many other officers participated in this enforcement, including two Hayward PD Explorers.

THUR, 9/18/14 at 6:06 PM, an Armed Robbery occurred on the 21000 block of Foothill Blvd (Casper’s Hot Dogs). The suspect entered Casper’s Hot Dog restaurant and brandished a black semi-automatic handgun at the employees and demanded they open the cash register. The suspect then removed approximately $50.00 from the register, walked out of the restaurant, and was last seen getting into a burgundy older model SUV with tinted windows (similar to a Chevrolet Blazer). The suspect was described as a white male in his late 20′s to early 30′s. He’s 5’07”, 220 lbs, and has a scruffy beard. The suspect was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and red sweatpants.

FRI, 9/19/14 at 10:14 AM, an assault with a deadly weapon occurred at Cypress/Harder. A victim who was stabbed in the neck several months ago reported seeing the same suspect in the area of Cypress/Jackson. Officers found and detained the subject at Cypress/Harder. The victim identified the suspect through an “in-field show up.” The suspect was also arrested for a warrant, possession of drug paraphernalia, and lying about his identity.

FRI, 9/19/14 between 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Hayward PD conducted an ABC decoy operation at 22 establishments. The decoy operation found five businesses that sold alcohol to the minor decoy. Criminal and administrative citations were issued at each of the five locations.

SUN, 9/21/14 at 11:37 PM, an Outside Assist was needed on the 1900 block of Harder Rd. CSUEB had a “Block Party” welcoming new students which was held outside the dorms at Pioneer Heights. During the party, a fight broke out and forced CSUEB Police to shut down the party. CSUEB asked for assistance, to which the responding units assisted with traffic control until the party came to a close.

MON, 9/22/14 at 12:49 PM, NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM incident occurred on the 600 block of Atherton Place. An 18 year old male reported he was shot while walking on Atherton Street. Six of his friends report a car speeding from the area after the gunshot was heard. The investigation revealed the 18 year old accidentally shot himself. He sustained a contact wound to his outer thigh. The bullet exited his inner thigh and lodged in his other thigh. A .22 caliber bullet was recovered at the scene.

TUE, 9/23/14 at 6:06 PM, a TRAFFIC COLLISION occurred at Harder/Soto. A 32-year-old female pedestrian was struck by vehicle. She was transported to Eden Hospital and in critical condition. On 9/24/2014, the pedestrian was pronounced as deceased. The traffic collision is currently under investigation and any witnesses are encouraged to contact the Hayward Police Department Traffic Bureau Sergeant Jason Corsolini at 510-293-7149.


San Leandro crime is down, police report

A press release from San Leandro police:

SAN LEANDRO –For the past few weeks, the SLPD has continued to serve our community with pride and professionalism.

Between September 7 – 21, public safety dispatchers have received 3,571 calls from the public, resulting in the following:

• 2.348 calls for service were dispatched that officers responded to.
• 346 police investigations were conducted.
• 104 arrests were made of persons suspected of criminal activity.

To date this year, police report that crime has decreased by 4% from this time last year, with a total of 3,110 part 1 crime reports being reported to the SLPD. Part 1 crimes include homicide, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, auto theft and arson.

SLPD is pleased to report that robberies and burglaries are down 27% each, and credit proactive police work and community engagement with these successes.

“I credit the decrease in crime to teamwork. We have a very engaged community, who continue to call us when they see something out of the ordinary and this leads to arrests,” said Lt. Robert McManus.

Additionally, police are solving cases through the use of video surveillance cameras. So far, 55 residences and businesses in San Leandro have registered their private systems with the SLPD, which has proven not only to be an effective deterrent to crime, but also a technological tool to assist detectives in solving cases.

Unfortunately, auto theft has increased 6% since last year. Between August 21st and September 15th, 44 vehicles were stolen in San Leandro. 33 vehicles stolen in San Leandro, were recovered by SLPD officers and officers throughout the Bay Area during that period. SLPD’s “oldest” stolen car recovered during this time was stolen in April. SLPD officers also recovered 25 cars in San Leandro that were reported stolen to other police agencies during that time period.

This past weekend, officers made arrests during 3 separate auto theft investigations throughout the city. Two of the cases were a direct result of the ALPR computer system alerting officers to stolen cars. The third case is credited to an observant resident.

On Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm, a resident in the 200 block of Julius St. called police to report someone sleeping in their car in the residential neighborhood. The car was not known to the neighborhood, and when officers arrived, they determined that the Honda Accord had been reported stolen to the Oakland Police a few days earlier. The driver, who was asleep in the car, was identified as 37 year old Cyrus Benaventura of San Francisco. Benaventura was also found to have outstanding arrest warrants, including one for auto theft.

Of concern to police is the amount of guns that have been taken from criminals since January 1st. To date, officers have seized 88 firearms, 63 of which were deemed evidence in criminal investigations. The other 15 were taken for safe keeping during domestic violence and mental-illness investigations, or submitted for destruction, as the owner no longer wanted them. This high number does not include the look-alike firearms that officers recover on a regular basis, like one that was recovered from a group of teens at Bayfair Center on Sunday afternoon.

At about 3:05pm, officers were dispatched to the Wing Stop restaurant at Bayfair Center for a report of 5 teenagers passing a handgun around. When officer arrived, they contacted 5 boys who were 16 and 17 years old from Antioch and Oakland, who were armed with a BB pistol resembling a semi-automatic pistol. The boys turned the look-alike gun over to officers and contacted each of their parents about the dangerous situation that they were involved in. Police will use the look-alike gun for training purposes, both for their staff and during community presentations.

Lt. Robert McManus is proud of the service that the SLPD provides to the community stating, “Members of the San Leandro Police Department are committed to making San Leandro the best and safest city possible for those that live, work and visit our community. We value the support of our community and the strong partnerships that we have created over the years. Without that, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are.”

For crime prevention tips please go to the Police Department’s website at http://www.sanleandro.org/depts/pd or contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 510-577-3228.

Citizens play a critical role in creating a safe environment by observing and reporting any suspicious and criminal activity to the Police. The San Leandro Police Department recommends that citizens do not participate in any direct verbal or physical involvement with suspicious persons or those who are committing crimes. The personal safety of the community is paramount.

We encourage the San Leandro community to record the details of what they observe and to report those details to the Police. This type of community involvement and partnership has proven to be a very effective crime prevention tool. Citizens act as the eyes and ears of the community first, and the extended eyes and ears of the San Leandro Police Department.

Thank you for being a force multiplier in our efforts to provide professional police services and safety to the community.


Hayward: Dog walkers neighborhood watch program meeting Wednesday

HAYWARD — Could dog walkers and their charges take a bite out of crime?

A newly launched Dog Walker Watch Program will be discussed Wednesday at a community meeting. The watch program encourages dog walkers to act as “extra eyes and ears” for police.

At the same meeting, Hayward City Councilman Greg Jones and former city Councilwoman Anna May will talk about what makes residents interested in neighborhood issues and want to improve their community — and what turns them off.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24, in the Hayward police North District Office, 22701 Main St. (the old Hayward Area Historical Society red brick building across the street from Fire Station 1).


Hayward police blog Sept. 4-11

Thursday, 9/4/14, approx 8:00 PM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred near Hesperian/Tahoe. A Black Male Adult clad in all dark clothing, confronted the female victim as she walked home. The suspect demanded the victim’s purse and cell phone. When she resisted, he slashed at her with an unknown weapon-possibly a knife. The suspect ran off with the victim’s cell phone. The victim suffered a minor injury.

Friday, 9/5/14, approx 5:30 PM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred at a coffee shop on the 700 block of A St. The suspect-a Black Male Adult, about 5’5”, medium build, in his 20’s, wearing large white headphones, white glasses, an oversized t-shirt and blue jeans, ordered a beverage. He lifted up the front of his shirt, exposing what was apparently the handgrips of a gun and demanded cash from the cashier. The suspect left after getting money.

Friday, 9/5/14, approx 7:30 PM, A FELON IN POSSESSION OF A HANDGUN AND AMMUNITION/CHILD ENDANGERMENT occurred in an apartment at a complex on the 26000 block of Gading. An officer was investigating a burglary and was directed to a specific apartment, where the possible suspect might reside. The suspect, who is a felon, was found to illegally possess a handgun and ammunition, and was arrested. His 2 yr old son had access to the gun as well. The suspect’s potential relationship to the burglary is still under investigation.

Saturday, 9/6/14, approx 9:40 AM, A FELONY HIT AND RUN occurred at Hesperian/Middle. The adult female victim was walking across the intersection in the crosswalk with the green light, when she was struck by the suspect, who was driving n/b in the #2 lane. The suspect entered the intersection in violation of the red light. The suspect stopped to check on the victim and then drove off. The suspect vehicle was found several miles away a short time later and the owner attempted to report it as stolen. The driver came to the police department the following day and admitted hitting the victim. The victim was in serious, but stable condition.

Monday, 9/8/14, approx 5:45 AM, AN ARSON occurred on the 400 block of Industrial Parkway. An unknown suspect forced entry into a vacant business and intentionally started a fire. The building sustained minimal damage.

Tuesday, 9/9/14, approx 8:30 AM, AN AUTO BUGLAR/AUTO THIEF was arrested at a strip mall, on the 19000 block of Hesperian. Witnesses called the police when they saw a suspicious man loitering in the parking lot and peering into the window of a car, as if he was planning to break into it. When officers arrived, the suspect ran, but was found hiding in some nearby bushes a short distance away. Property which was taken from the burglarized car was found near the suspect and officers discovered the suspect drove there in a stolen car.

Tuesday 9/9/14, approx 1:00 PM, A LOADED GUN/METHAMPHETAMINE SEIZURE occurred in an apartment, at a complex on the 1200 block of C St. A 17 yr old female victim called a 3rd party to report that a man came into her apartment, pointed a gun at her and then ran off. The 3rd party (a counselor) reported this to police. Officers contacted occupants of a neighboring apartment and recovered a loaded gun and about 2.6 oz of methamphetamine. The suspect who brandished the gun was not present. The investigation continues.

Wednesday, 9/10/14, approx 12:45 AM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 26000 block of Jennings. Two Hispanic Male Adults confronted the male victim in front of his house. One of the suspects pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his wallet and cell phone. The victim gave it to them and they fled in a silver Toyota Corolla, with paper plates, which was occupied by two other Hispanic Male Adults.

Wednesday, 9/10/14, approx 8:50 AM, A MOTORIST COLLIDED WITH A POLICE CAR at Harder/Jane. The motorist entered the intersection against the red light and struck a police car already in the intersection. It was a low speed collision and no injuries were reported.

Wednesday, 9/10/14, approx 11:40 AM, SUSPECTED EXPLOSIVES RECOVERY occurred on the 30000 block of Industrial Parkway. A metal recycling business called police when they found what appeared to be an explosive device (mortar rounds). The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit responded to assist and ultimately determined the device was inert.

Wednesday, 9/10/14, approx 11:10 PM, AN ASSAULT WITH A FIREARM/NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE OF A GUN occurred on the 22000 block of Montgomery. The male victim was walking on Montgomery from the BART Station, when he heard footsteps behind him and turned around. A Black Male Adult, about 5’9”, wearing his hair in a short Afro and a dark shirt and dark shorts, pointed a gun at the victim. The suspect shot at the victim several times. The victim fled and was not injured in the attack. The victim did not know the suspect and didn’t know why the suspect would shoot at him.

Thursday, 9/11/14, approx 3:50 AM, A COMMERCIAL BURGLARY occurred on the 23000 block of Mission Bl, at a fast food restaurant. A man making a delivery to the fast food restaurant saw the male suspect inside the business, in an area which was supposed to be closed/secured, so he called police. When officers arrived, they noticed the suspect broke a window to get into the business, so they surrounded it, before trying to contact the suspect. Meanwhile the suspect continued burglarizing the business, attempting to remove a cash register. The suspect was arrested.

Thursday, 9/11/14 approx 3:55 AM, A MOTORIST COLLIDED WITH A PARKED POLICE CAR at Watkins/Jackson. One of the officers investigating the commercial burglary, parked his patrol car on Watkins, near Jackson. An elderly male motorist accidentally rear ended the patrol car, pushing it up over the sidewalk and into a tree. The patrol car was unoccupied at the time and the motorist was uninjured.


Hayward police blotter Aug. 28-Sept. 2

Thur, 8/28/14, approx 4:00-10:00 PM, AN ABC DECOY OPERATION occurred throughout Hayward. HPD’s Vice Unit conducted a decoy operation, visiting 16 establishments. Only 3 sold alcoholic beverages to an underaged person.

Fri, 8/29/14, approx 6:00 AM- 4:00 PM, A GANG SUPPRESSION OPERATION occurred throughout Hayward. HPD’s Special Duty Unit and Special Duty Investigation Unit collaborated with other local agencies to serve arrest warrants and conduct probation searches. Two people were arrested.

Fri, 8/29/14, approx 10:30 PM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred on Mediterranean Ave @ the Silver Star Veteran’s Park. The male victim was walking his dog, when he was approached from behind by the three suspects (three Black Male Adults-no further description). One of them punched him in the head and knocked him down, while another one pointed a gun at him and took the victim’s IPhone and wallet. The victim incurred minor injuries.

Sat, 8/30/14, approx 8:00 PM-2:00 AM, A DUI/DRIVER’S LICENSE (DL) CHECKPOINT occurred @ Foothill/City Center. HPD’s Traffic Unit set up a DUI/DL checkpoint, screening 773 vehicles, making 3 DUI arrests, and citing 31 suspended/unlicensed drivers.

Sun, 8/31/14, approx 12:30 AM, A MEDICAL ASSIST occurred @ City Hall. A transient male climbed onto an approx 4’ high wall that secures a large generator. The other side of the wall drops down about 20’, to the base of the generator. The male lost his balance and fell down to a service area between the generator and the wall. He was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment, due to minor injuries to his lower body.

Tues, 9/2/14, approx 11:45 AM, A LOADED GUN was recovered @ Sleepy Hollow/Bahama. A neighbor saw three Black Male Adults jumping a fence to enter secured property belonging to a business. Officers arrived just as the males jumped back over the fence. One of the males was found to have a loaded gun in his backpack and was arrested.

Tues, 9/2/14, approx 1:00 PM, A PHYSICAL ELDER ABUSE occurred on the 900 block of Collins Ct. A 50 year old female tried to beat her 80 year old father with a large metal dog brush. She kicked her father and 80 year old mother several times each, inflicting visible injuries. The daughter was arrested and an Emergency Protective Order was obtained, barring the daughter from returning for several days.

Tues, 9/2/14, approx 3:30 PM, A NARCOTICS SALES SUPPRESSION OPERATION occurred throughout Hayward. HPD’s Narcotics Unit obtained two search warrants and recovered cocaine, ecstasy, two handguns, over $8000 cash, and located a marijuana growing operation. Two people were arrested.


Hayward police blotter, Aug. 22-27

FRI, 8/22/14 at 10:26 PM, a STRONG ARMED ROBBERY occurred. Two hours prior to reporting the incident, a 14-year-old male victim was walking in the area of D Street and 2nd Street, when four black male adults surrounded him. The victim was punched once and he fell to the ground. The suspects searched the victim’s pockets and took his cell phone, IPod, debit card, and $6. The suspects were described as black males, in their late teens or early twenties.

FRI, 8/22/14 at 11:08 PM, an ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON occurred. A passerby saw a male lying down in greenway at Bishop Street and Cascade Avenue. The Hayward Fire Department responded and determined the victim was suffering from two stab wounds to his right chest area and from facial injuries. The unknown victim was combative and had to be restrained on gurney. The victim was transported to Eden Hospital, where they reported the victim had significant brain hemorrhaging. Hayward police fingerprinted the unknown victim and obtained his identity. On 8/27/14, no change to the victim’s medical status.

SAT, 8/23/14 at 1:32 AM, Hayward PD had an outside assist with Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. ACSO deputies pursued a stolen vehicle into our city. The female suspect crashed her vehicle at Sycamore/Thomas. The suspect collided with a parked vehicle on Thomas causing it to flip over and land in a yard on top of a vehicle. No Hayward PD units were involved in the pursuit. The suspect was arrested by ACSO and taken to jail.

MON, 8/25/14 at 10:57 AM, Hayward PD had an outside assist with ACSO on the 300 block of West Jackson Street. An Eden Township Station (ETS) deputy stopped a vehicle that had just been involved in an armed robbery. Three suspects were detained near a gas station’s gas pump. Another suspect ran into the store of the gas station and locked himself in the bathroom. The store was evacuated and a perimeter was established around the business. The suspect eventually walked out of the store and was taken into custody.

MON, 8/25/14 at 3:18 PM, a STRONG ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 900 block of B Street. An intoxicated victim was accosted by two black males. They took his cigarettes and $250 in cash from his shirt pocket by tearing the pocket open. The victim was uncooperative and kept changing his story. The primary officer is investigating the case.

TUE, 8/26/14 at 5:55 AM, an INDECENT EXPOSURE occurred at a restaurant on the 20000 block of Hesperian Boulevard. The victim was parking her car when she saw the suspect walking towards her. The victim got out of her car and headed for the restaurant when she turned around she saw the suspect shaking his exposed penis at her. The suspect fled towards another store when a vehicle entered into the parking lot. The suspect is described as a Hispanic Male Adult, 6’0”, 165 lbs., 30-35 yrs. old, short dark hair, brown eyes and a goatee. He was wearing a dark blue hoodie and black pants.

TUE, 8/26/14 at 7:25 AM, A HIT AND RUN occurred on W. Tennyson Road and Baldwin Street. The victim was walking southbound on Tennyson Road when the suspect vehicle struck him. The driver backed up, drove around the victim and fled westbound on Tennyson Road. A passerby found the victim bloodied and took him to St. Rose Hospital. The suspect vehicle was described as a white, 4-door Toyota. The suspect driver was a Hispanic female with blonde hair. The victim was intoxicated. The victim sustained serious facial injuries from the collision and was unable to recall any further details from it.

TUE, 8/26/14 at 1:47 PM, a HAZMAT incident occurred on the 3100 block of Depot Road. Strong chemical odor and smoke was seen coming from a business. The Hayward Fire Department requested Hayward PD to assist in traffic control around the area of the address to include blocking the highway 92 off ramps. The chemical odor was reported as far south as Mt Eden High School. A “Shelter-in-place” advisory was given to nearby schools and businesses. Hayward PD sent out Nixle alerts to keep the citizens informed. There was media coverage of the incident, which was handled by Hayward FD. There were no reported injuries from this incident.

WED, 8/27/14 at 11:30 AM, a Probation Search occurred on the 26000 block of Lakewood Way. The Narcotic’s Unit conducted a probation search and arrested a subject who was suspected of selling Marijuana.

WED, 8/27/14 at 12:59 PM, A ROBBERY occurred at Southland Mall. A clerk at a jewelry store was showing a ring to the suspect. The employee took possession of the suspects ID and gave it back after the suspect returned the ring. The suspect then forcefully grabbed the ring from the clerks hand and fled out the mall.

WED, 8/27/14 at 5:04 PM an ATTEMPTED ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON occurred on the 500 block of Tennyson Road. An employee at the hair salon was fired and tried to cut another employee with a knife. The staff of the salon held the suspect down until police arrived. The ex-employee was arrested and no one was injured from the incident.


Hayward police blotter Aug. 4-10

THUR, 8/7/14 at 9:50 AM, an ARMED ROBBERY WITH A HANDGUN occurred at Ted’s Pharmacy, 27000 block of Hesperian Blvd. The suspect stole controlled pain medications and drove off in an off-white vehicle. An officer recalled a suspicious vehicle from the day before at Ted’s Pharmacy. The vehicle and its license plate matched the robbery suspect’s vehicle. Police looked up the vehicle’s registry information and found the car on Gettysburg Ave. A search warrant was issued and the home was surrounded by Hayward‘s Special Duty Unit. SDU called out the occupants out of the home, including the suspect, who came out willingly. The victim positively identified the suspect through an in-field show up. The pain medications and the suspect’s gun (a loaded .45) were recovered inside the home. Investigations spoke to the suspect and he confessed to committing the robbery and to others crimes as well.

FRI, 8/8/14 at 7:24 PM, a nine-year-old child was riding his bicycle on Dolphin Lane crossing onto Florida Street when a vehicle traveling westbound struck him. The boy was trauma activated to Children’s Hospital (Oakland) with non-life threatening injuries.

SAT, 8/9/14 at 1:08 PM. Officers conducted a traffic enforcement stop for a registration violation. The officers smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage and marijuana emitting from the vehicle. During a consent search, the officers located Xanax pills in a clear baggie, opened and unopened beer cans, and a loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a ten round magazine. One of the passenger confessed to the officers that the pills and the gun were his. He described the gun and the pills to the officers, ensuring them of his ownership. Both occupants were arrested.

SAT, 8/9/14 at 3:59 PM, a STRONG ARMED ROBBERY incident occurred adjacent to the Burger King located on Mission Boulevard and Industrial Parkway. Four suspects assaulted the victim and stole his wallet and cell phone. The suspects are described as:
Suspect #1 is a Black female in her mid 20’s, 5’8”, medium build. She was seen wearing a red jersey with #5 written on front.
Suspect #2 is a Black female, 5’8”, pink hair, and wore a black Tee shirt.
Suspect #3 is a Black female adult with no description.
Suspect #4 is a Black male adult, 5’9”, thin build; he was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and wore a black beanie hat.

SUN, 8/10/14 at 12:54 AM, Officers responded to the area of Thelma and Barker for a naked man running down the street. The suspect charged at one of the officers as she exited the patrol vehicle. She was able to restrain the suspect until another officer was able to help her. The officers called an ambulance to transport the suspect to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. No injuries were reported to the officers or suspect.

MON, 8/11/14 at 2:26 PM, an ARMED ROBBERY WITH A HANDGUN incident occurred at the Subway located on the 26000 block of Mission Boulevard. The suspect entered the store, armed with a black semi-automatic handgun and demanded money. The suspect ran towards Sorenson Road and was seen getting into a white car driven by a white female. The car sped southbound on Mission Boulevard. The suspect is a white male, mid 20’s, 6’0”, and heavy set. He was last seen wearing a black/gray SF Giants hat, red bandanna, black hooded sweatshirt with writing on front and back, tan shorts and tan work boots.

WED, 8/13/14 at 5:20 PM, a report of a man BRANDISHING A FIREARM on the 27000 block of High Country Drive. The victim was walking on High Country Drive when the suspect came out of his home, yelled, and pointed his shotgun at the victim. The victim called police, but informed them that he did not want to press charges against the suspect. After the police made contact with the suspect, they determined that he needed a psychological evaluation and sent him to the hospital.