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Hayward police blotter 12/30/13-1/06/14

12/30 02:39 PM
A burglary occurred in the area of Virginia Street where an unknown suspect(s) entered an occupied residence during the night and took tools. One resident was home during the incident and recalled hearing movement in the home but did not see suspect.

12/30 11:29 PM
A robbery occurred at Mount Eden Park. The victims were surrounded by a group of suspects who threatened them into giving up a cellular phone and a bicycle.

01/02 08:33 AM
A patrol officer in the area of First Street and Armstrong St observed a suspect running from a stolen vehicle after it was located by LOJACK. A police perimeter was established and a canine was used in a search for the suspect. The suspect was located hiding to the rear of a residence and apprehended.

01/02 02:05 PM
Patrol officers observe a suspicious vehicle occupied by three subjects illegally parked near a bank. Upon contacting the subjects officers develop probable cause to search the vehicle resulting in the recovery of two stolen handguns. All three suspects were arrested.

01/02 11:00 PM
A robbery and attempted sexual assault occurred at an apartment complex in the area of Hesperian Blvd and W Tennyson Rd. The victim fought off the suspect who fled from the scene after being chased by residents. Patrol officers are able to identify the suspect and pass this information onto the investigations bureau. After conducting surveillance the suspect is located and apprehended by investigators. The victim’s property was recovered and the suspect arrested.

01/04 00:16 AM
CHP chased a stolen car into the Hayward city limits where the driver and passengers abandoned the vehicle on Flamingo Way. Hayward Patrol units set up a perimeter and conduct a search, which located the driver of the stolen vehicle. CHP arrest the suspect for vehicle theft.

01/04 02:10 AM
An assault with a deadly weapon occurred in the 900 block of Torrano Avenue. The suspect hit the victim on the head with a baseball bat, causing a significant injury. Suspect is arrested at the scene.

01/04 05:37 AM
A carjacking occurred in the area of 1000 Tennyson Road. The two suspects take the victim’s vehicle at gunpoint and flee the scene. The vehicle is later located by Alameda County Sheriff deputies and four subjects are taken into custody. Hayward patrol officers take over the investigation and take custody of the suspects who are also determined to be involved in a recent shooting in the 26000 black of Evergreen St.

01/04 05:57 AM
A stolen vehicle is set on fire in the area of Cavanaugh and Foley.

01/04 06:26 AM
An armed robbery occurred to a business in the 22000 block of Foothill Bl. The suspect armed with a handgun robbed the business and then fled from the scene. The loss was cash.

01/06 01:57 AM
Three suspicious fires occurred at Centennial Park in a 24 hour period resulting in damage to trash bins and surrounding vegetation.

01/06 02:10 AM
Patrol officers respond to a request for assistance by BART PD for a group fighting on the tracks near the downtown station. As subjects are leaving the scene multiple gunshots are heard from the A Street train tracks. Several vehicles flee the scene and expended casings are found at the scene. A vehicle that was stopped driving from the scene had one passenger flee from police and escape. No victims were located or weapons recovered.

01/06 07:02 AM
An auto burglary in the 22000 block of Foothill Blvd resulted in the loss of a backpack containing personal electronic

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Election season is already here

Hi. Sorry to be away for so long. Illness plus technical difficulties were not a good combination.

A few updates: Two candidates in the Hayward mayor’s race — Mark Salinas and Francisco Zermeno — both have been busy, hosting community events, raising money, attending just about every local gathering. I haven’t seen as much from Barbara Halliday, but that doesn’t mean she’s not connecting with voters; she doesn’t seem to use social media as much as the other two. All three have a lot of connections in the community.

I have been hearing rumors that two others will enter the race to replace longtime Mayor Michael Sweeney, who has announced his retirement at the end of June. But no names have been attached.

One guy did stop  by the Daily Review office and said he was running for mayor. I won’t give his name, because he didn’t speak to me; I only overheard him as he was flirting with our office manager. We do get some interesting characters wandering in off Foothill.

Salinas’ council seat will be up for grabs. Councilman Marvin Peixoto has announced he plans to run for re-election.

Meanwhile, Hayward Unified Trustee William McGee has set up a website for his re-election and to keep the community informed. His and Trustee Lisa Brunner’s terms expire next year; Brunner has not announced whether she will seek re-election.

The city of Hayward also is looking at a ballot measure to pay for a new main library and two fire stations, and possibly more upgrades and services. A series of meetings and outreach are planned, beginning next month.

The Hayward school district is talking about another bond measure to replace more of the district’s aging schools, but no date has been set.

Alameda County is looking at asking voters to extend Measure A, a half-cent sales tax set to expire in 2019. It helps fund medical services to the county’s low-income residents, but some have complained that too much of the money currently goes to Highland Hospital or is at the discretion of the county Board of Supervisors and subject to political maneuverings. Without it, services will be drastically cut, advocates say. But it was approved in much better economic times, 2004.

Oh, and remember Measure B-1, the proposal that would double the county sales tax for transportation from a half-cent to a full cent that was narrowly defeated in 2012? It will be back on the ballot in November, though with a 30-year time limit (the previous proposal had no time limit).

These are just a few local measures being considered; statewide ones could also be on the ballot. With all the competing interests asking voters to open their wallets, there is concern it will be overwhelming and voters will just say no to all.










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Hayward police blotter Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2013

(Not sure what this means from 11/26 report:

No suspects seen or heard; no promiscuous shoot calls or similar made to Hayward PD during that time period.)

8:00 a.m.
Officers coordinated a probation compliance check as a result of numerous responses to the 300 block of Carson Drive in regard to disturbances, intoxication, drug use, domestic violence, and court order violations. He utilized District Command, Community Preservation and Code Enforcement on this endeavor. Code Enforcement addressed several interior and exterior violations.

7:00 p.m.
Officers working the downtown area investigated an auto burglary; in which victim said her credit card had just been used at the Jackson Street McDonalds. CCTV provided a suspect license plate as well as suspect and vehicle description. Muni Lots checked and vehicle located in front of a local Internet café. Two suspects inside vehicle were detained, one of whom was on probation for possession of stolen property. Victim’s property recovered and both suspects arrested.

10:12 p.m.
Two adult male victims were confronted and robbed of personal property at gunpoint by a group of 5 suspects. Two suspects were armed with handguns. An officer saw a similar group, and one matching one of the armed suspects, on Whitman Ave. near Tennyson High School. As the officer attempted to contact the group, the group split up and ran in 3 different directions. The officer pursued the suspect who best matched one of the armed suspects, onto Stewart Drive, before losing sight of him. A perimeter was set and a K9 was utilized to search. The suspect was within the perimeter and ran from his hiding spot when he believed the dog was going to bite him. Another officer on the perimeter confronted the suspect as he fled from a back yard to a front yard, and the suspect surrendered. The suspect was identified by one victim and the initial officer.

6:25 a.m.
A male subject was visiting at an address on the 1900 block of B Street and got into an argument over money. The argument turned physical and two males got into a physical altercation. One male subject left and returned a short time later. He broke open the living room window and climbed through, armed with an AK-47. The occupants ran back to the roommate’s bedroom, at which point the male suspect fired one shot through the living room wall into the bedroom (hitting no one). The male suspect then fired another shot through the bedroom door (again striking no one). The boyfriend climbed out the bedroom window and fled. The male suspect entered the bedroom, and asked the female victim (left behind by male roommate) where she kept her money. Before leaving, the male suspect reportedly stole an undisclosed amount of cash from the living room.

7:30 a.m.
Upon opening their business, owners discovered three bullet holes in the front glass window and copper jacket fragment inside the store. Event occurred between 1700 on 11/25 and 0630 on 11/26. No suspects were seen or heard. Business is located on the 27000 block of Mission Blvd.

9:00 a.m.
Residents on the 27000 block of Huntwood discovered two bullet holes in their kitchen window and apparent projectiles (similar to .25 caliber) stuck in ceiling of their home. Residents reported hearing loud bangs around 3:00 a.m., but did not investigate. No suspects seen or heard; no promiscuous shoot calls or similar made to Hayward PD during that time period.

7:13 p.m.
Victim was driving N/B on Mission when the suspect vehicle (light blue Toyota Rav 4 occupied by the driver and a male passenger) cut the victim off. The suspect vehicle then pulled along the curb, and to the right of the victim. The driver of the suspect vehicle fired two rounds from a revolver at the victim. One round struck the victim’s vehicle, the second missed it, and passed through the rear windows of an uninvolved vehicle travelling S/B on Mission at Hancock (shattering both windows, and coming within inches of striking the head of a young child riding in the rear seat). The suspect vehicle fled the scene E/B on Hancock. An extensive area check was made with negative results.

7:30 p.m.
Interrupted Residential burglary on the 1200 block of Cathy Drive. Three Hispanic male adult suspects were observed with flashlights inside a home on Cathy Drive. It appeared there was a getaway vehicle waiting for the suspects to finish. The driver of the suspect vehicle observed witness on phone, and honked the horn then sped away without the others. Officers arrived and searched home with K-9, but no one was found inside.

9:48 p.m.
Subject crashed vehicle into Martin Luther King School causing moderate damage; including broken water pipes. While detaining the suspect and investigating the incident, members of his family arrived and began interfering/delaying the officers. One of the family members was arrested for obstruction, during which time the DUI suspect assaulted officers. Officer sustained minor injuries.

2:51 a.m.
An adult male victim was attacked by a suspect, hit in the head, and knocked to the ground. The suspect then searched the victim’s pockets and stole a wallet and cell phone. An area check was conducted and met with negative results. The incident occurred in the area of Leidig Ave and Tennyson Road.

9:00 p.m.
Officer arrests a female for suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance. During booking process suspect retrieves methamphetamine from her bellybutton and places it in her mouth. Jail staff has to restrain suspect to retrieve illegal contraband.

3:40 p.m.
A female victim was walking on Blackwood Ave when a black 4 door Nissan drove next to her. The passenger in the vehicle rolled down the window and told the victim to give him her wallet. Victim said no and walked away. Suspect exited passenger seat, approached the victim again and brandished a 4″ knife then again demanded the wallet. Victim gave up the wallet out of fear and suspect got back inside of vehicle and the vehicle drove north on Blackwood towards Marin.

9:27 p.m.
Multiple calls of 2-3 shots heard in the area of Huntwood/Austin. Reporting party on Avocado Street advised group of males on his porch asking for help due to friend having been shot but the group runs away. As units respond to area other neighbors report the group as traveling eastbound Orchard across Soto. No victims or obvious crime scene located.

2:15 a.m.
Officers investigate an occupied suspicious vehicle parked in Municipals Lot 5 near in downtown Hayward. During the investigation they arrest a male and female for various drug charges.

11:17 a.m.
Strong Arm Robbery in front of Tennyson Liquors 1190 West Tennyson Road. Suspect 1 (S1)and Suspect 2 (S2) approach victim from behind, strike him in the head with a skateboard and forcefully pull the victim’s necklace from his neck. S1 and S2 flee on foot southbound on Pompano. S1 Black male adult, 5’7″, 180, short black hair, brown eyes; LSW clack jacket, blue jeans, black tennis shoes. S2 black or Hispanic male, 5’7″, 180 lbs.

2:45 p.m.
Car Jacking on the 22000 block of Mission Blvd. Two suspects came to dealership to buy a Grey/Green Range Rover. Salesperson puts key in ignition to start car for test drive. Suspect pushes salesperson out of the way. Both suspects get in car and flee. Area check and outside agencies notified. S1 Black male adult, 20′s, 5’09″, 150 lbs, black baseball hat, black button up shirt. S2 Hispanic male adult 20′s, 5’09″, 180 lbs, white t-shirt, blue jeans.

5:24 p.m.
Robbery occurred in the parking lot of Bank of America on A St. (S1) BMA, 40′s, 5’06″ 160 lbs, Green T shirt, Black jeans was selling computers and TVs out the back of his car. Suspect approached victim and asked if she wanted to buy a TV. Victim refused and the suspect reached into his waistband (simulating a gun) and demanded money.

Please be very cautious this Holiday season. There are many scams going on right now. One scam is similar to the last blotter entry. Suspect will fill boxes of T.V.’s and computer with heavy items (such as bricks) and tell you they bought a surplus of these items on sale and are willing to extend the discount to you. By all appearances, the items will look legitimate. Do not be fooled and try to purchase something that is too good to be true.

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Hayward police blotter, Nov. 11-23

12:13 a.m.
Hayward Fire Department views a fight in front of Club Me. When officers arrive, they find numerous females arguing and resisting the security staff’s attempts to separate the participants. One person is taken to jail for being drunk in public and resisting officers.

5:00 p.m.
Officer sees an occupied vehicle with its passengers smoking marijuana at the dead end of 12th Ave. The 17 year old suspect (Manon Block gang member) hides a loaded .40 caliber stolen pistol under the passenger seat. Gun recovered and suspect arrested.

6:23 p.m.
Unknown suspect painted a graffiti tag (not gang related) on wall of school and on the concrete sidewalk.

3:57 p.m.
Homicide occurred at 24000 Amador St – Centennial Park: Officers responded to a report of shots fired at the park. They locate a 17 year old male suffering from gunshot wounds. He is transported to Eden Hospital and is pronounced shortly thereafter.

10:00 p.m.
Homicide Update-Sgt. Ormsby advised two suspects were taken into custody in Modesto, for the Amador St. homicide. The suspects are now in custody.

4:07 p.m.
Residential cat burglary on the 25000 block of Ironwood Ct. Suspect entered the home by removing window pane and snuck up to second floor where he found the victim sleeping. The suspect covered the victim’s mouth with his hand and held a knife to her throat. Suspect told victim he would not harm her as long as she did not try to stop him. Suspect fled prior to HPD arrival. The suspect was a black male adult wearing a dark blue 3/4 length jacket, possible green or grey hood, brown pants), was last seen walking through the pedestrian gate into the adjacent park on Depot. Suspect is still at large.

9:25 p.m.
A vehicle was stolen from the complex (vehicle’s keys were left inside) on the 100 block of Winton and a bicycle was left behind by the suspect. Moments later, the vehicle was spotted on Hesperian by an officer. The vehicle was followed to Stone Place, where the suspect was taken into custody without incident. The driver and passenger suspects both have prior history for auto theft. The driver had a parole warrant and the passenger a no-bail warrant for auto theft.

11:14 p.m.
Officer Perryman contacted a male who was urinating in the parking lot of the business near Tennyson and Huntwood. The male was in possession of a beer bottle, and threatened to throw the bottle at the officer. Subject was taken into custody.

9:30 a.m.
ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING: The School Resource Officer Unit with assistance from the Special Duty Unit, completed two active shooter drills today involving students and school staff. (Tyrrell Elementary(0930)and Moreau Catholic HS(1330).)

12:00 p.m.
Follow up to an armed robbery investigation on the 24000 block of Santa Clara: Victim in this located the suspect vehicle in Oakland on MacArthur Blvd on 11/20/2013 and contacts OPD who in turn contacts HPD. The victim positively ID’s the registered owner of the vehicle as the suspect in the armed robbery. OPD stops the suspect driving the vehicle near his residence. Suspect is arrested for robbery and a search warrant is executed on the suspect’s residence. The weapon used in the robbery, a loaded MAC-10 assault weapon, is recovered along with a large quantity of marijuana. Additional charges are pending.

2:07 p.m.
LOADED FIREARM RECOVERED on the 700 block of B St. SDU makes a traffic stop. During an officer safety search, a loaded .45 cal Glock handgun found concealed inside subject’s vest. A large knife with a 7-inch blade also found in a sheath hanging from his belt. Subject was taken into custody for a concealed firearm.

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Hayward police blotter Nov. 11-17

November 11, 2013 6:00PM
A robbery occurred at Southland Mall. A female victim walked into the mall with $500 cash in her hand. The suspect approached her, punched her in the face and stole the money in her hand. The suspect is described as a black male, with long hair in braids and dark clothing. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

November 11, 2013 10:29PM
An armed robbery occurred in the parking lot at 22280 Foothill Blvd. (Safeway). The two victims were loading groceries into their vehicle when two suspects approached them. One suspect brandished a handgun at the victims, while the other suspect stole their cell phones and wallets. The suspects are described as: Suspect #1- black male, 25-30 years old, 6’0”, medium build and dred-lock style hair to the back; he was wearing a black sweatshirt and dark baggy pants. Suspect #2-black male, 25-30 years old, 6’2”, muscular build and dred-lock hair to shoulders; he was wearing a black beanie, yellow shirt and dark baggy pants. The suspect vehicle is described as a 2000 silver mid-size SUV, possibly a Hyundai. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

November 13, 2013 1:31AM
An attempted burglary occurred at 1633 East Ave. (Hayward High School). Officers responded for the report of an alarm sounding. Upon their arrival they found the padlocks to the gate and landscape equipment shed cut. Officers were unable to locate any suspects, and the school reported no loss. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

November 13, 2013 6:30PM
Two patrol officers conducted directed enforcement in the industrial areas for burglary suppression. The results were one felony arrest, three citations issued and 11 homeless encampments checked.

November 14, 2013 1:00AM
A vehicle struck and severed a power pole on Hathaway Ave. near Costco,  which caused a significant power outage in north Hayward. The occupant of the vehicle fled the scene, but was located a short time later and arrested for driving under the influence and hit and run.

November 15, 2013 7:55PM
An armed robbery occurred in the parking lot at 24989 Santa Clara St. The victim was seated in his parked vehicle when the suspect approached him and opened the car door. The suspect brandished a gun at the victim, and demanded his cell phone, wallet and watch. The suspect fled in a newer Cadillac CTS with greenish/blue custom paint that changes colors in different lighting. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

November 16, 2013 12:06AM
A carjacking/assault with a deadly weapon occurred in the area of Donald Ave. and Culp Ave. A pizza delivery person was delivering a pizza when he was approached by six suspects, two of which are holding baseball bats. The delivery person was assaulted by the six suspects, and struck with the baseball bats. After the assault several of the suspects fled in the delivery person’s vehicle, and the others fled on foot. All the suspects are described as Hispanic males. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

November 17, 2013 5:00PM
A gun is recovered and a juvenile suspect is in-custody. A patrol officer saw a suspicious vehicle parked at the dead end of E. 12th St., and the passenger was smoking marijuana. When the officer investigated further he found a loaded .40 caliber handgun inside the vehicle. The juvenile was arrested for possession of the handgun which was later learned to be reported stolen.

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Hayward police blotter Oct. 28-Nov. 3

October 28, 2013 10:21AM
A robbery occurred in the area of 1198 Walpert Ave. The victim was walking past the listed address when two suspects approached him. One of the suspects simulated having a handgun and demanded the victim’s property. The victim relinquished his cell phone to the suspects, and the suspects fled on foot towards Second St. The suspects are described as: #1-Black male, 20-30 years old, 5’11” and 160lbs; he was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. #2-Black male, 24 years old, 5’11”, 160 lbs; he was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 28, 2013 11:29PM
A burglary occurred at 2428 Pratt Ave. An employee was inside the business asleep when he heard the alarm sounding. When the employee went to investigate, he discovered the suspect had smashed out the front window and stolen a computer. The employee then heard someone from a neighboring business yelling at the suspect as he fled on foot. A search of the suspect’s flight path was conducted and the stolen computer was recovered. The suspect is described as an unknown race male, 5’10” and thin build; he was wearing a black knit cap, black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 29, 2013 10:45PM
A robbery occurred in front of 25100 Cypress Ave. The victim was walking along the sidewalk when the suspect pulled up in a vehicle next to him. The passenger demanded the victim’s backpack, and when the victim refused, the suspect brandished a handgun at the victim and demanded his backpack again. The victim handed the suspect his backpack, and the suspects fled in the vehicle. The suspect is described as a Black male, 5’8” and medium build; he was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. There was no description of the driver of the suspect vehicle, and the suspect vehicle was described as a 1990s red Dodge Caravan. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 30, 2013 2:04AM
Three Hayward PD officers were on their way home after their shift and stopped for gas. At the gas station, one of the officers recognized a vehicle there as a suspicious vehicle call he had responded to early in his shift, but could not find. The officer called dispatch, and on-duty officers responded. They located the vehicle and discovered it was reported stolen. The driver was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

October 31, 2013 11:02PM
A shooting occurred at 27293 Sleepy Hollow Ave. (Lord Tennyson Apartments). Neighbors reported hearing a male and female arguing and then they heard several gunshots. Officers respond and found a female lying in the parking lot suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to a local hospital where she remains in ICU. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

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Pat Tillman’s mom to speak at Cal State

HAYWARD — Mary Tillman, mother of Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, will speak Nov. 18 at Cal State East Bay.

She is co-author, with journalist Narda Zacchino, of “Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman,” published in 2008. Pat Tillman gave up his National Football League career to join the Army after the 9/11 attacks. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004.

Her talk will focus on her family’s efforts to learn the truth about the cause of his death of the former Arizona Cardinal safety. The Army first said Tillman and his unit were attacked in an ambush and covered up the fact that he was killed by friendly fire. Mary Tillman’s talk will focus on her family’s continuing fight to learn the truth about what happened.

The program, sponsored by Cal State’s Center for Sport and Social Justice and the Department of Kinesiology, will be at 6:30 p.m. in Room 1203 of the Arts and Education building, 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd. Admission is free.

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Hayward limits free food hand-outs downtown

HAYWARD — The City Council on Tuesday put restrictions on free outdoor feedings downtown, limiting them to once a month at city parks.

The rules cover Portuguese Park and other city-owned properties. Portuguese Park has been the site of two or more food handouts daily to 50 to 100 people, which neighbors say has resulted in thefts, vandalism and trash in the area, plus people relieving themselves in the park and the area.

At the Daily Review office on Foothill a few blocks away, we’ve seen some of the problems neighbors describe, though to a lesser extent. We have had people defecating near a dumpster behind our office. We’ve come to work in the morning walking past people sleeping in corners. We’ve had to call the police because of mentally unstable people going off and trying to smash things as they stagger along Foothill, where traffic zips by at 40 to 50 mph. We’ve been accosted and intimidated in the municipal parking lot behind our office.

The problems in downtown Hayward are real. These are problems the city has been grappling with for years, yet they only seems to intensify.

City staff members and council members are quick to point out that the new restrictions aren’t intended to address homelessness, or hunger, but to make downtown safer and to regulate what occurs on city property.

What do you suggest be done? Everyone seems to be sympathetic and compassionate, but long-term solutions remain elusive. I’d love to hear what others think.


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Hayward police blotter Oct. 21-27

October 22, 2013 1:43PM
A robbery occurred in the Macy’s parking lot at Southland Mall. The victim exchanged words with the suspects who were driving through the parking lot. The driver stopped and two suspects got out of the vehicle and attacked the victim. During the assault the suspects stole the victim’s wallet and a ring. The suspects ran back to their vehicle and fled. The suspect vehicle, a silver Infinity SUV, was located unoccupied the following day and impounded. The suspects are described as: Suspect #1-Black male, 18 years old, 5’10”, thin build and short dark hair; he was wearing a black tee-shirt and blue jeans. Suspect #2-White male, 18 years old, 5’8” and 150lbs; he was wearing an unknown color baseball hat and tee-shirt, and blue jeans. Suspect #3-Black male, 18 years old, 5’8” and 160lbs; he was wearing an unknown color tee-shirt and blue jeans. Suspect #4-White or Hispanic female. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigation Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 22, 2013 1:43PM
A suspect was arrested for attempted robbery at 28250 Hesperian Blvd. (Pit Stop Gas Station). Officers responded to the business for the report of an unwanted subject. Upon their arrival they learned the unwanted person may have attempted to rob the business the prior day. The clerk working during the attempted robbery responded to the business and positively identified the suspect, and he was arrested.

October 22, 2013 11:54PM
A stolen vehicle was recovered and the suspect arrested in the area of Huntwood Ave. and Tennyson Rd. An officer on patrol observed a speeding vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. During the traffic stop the officer discovered the vehicle was reported stolen, and arrested the driver.

October 24, 2013 12:22PM
A residential burglary occurred in the 27000 block of Dunbar Ave. The victim was inside her home when she heard someone trying to open a rear window to her house. When the victim looked out she saw three suspects in her backyard, and they fled over a fence onto the railroad tracks. As officers were closing in on the suspects, they discarded stolen landscape tools and fled on foot. All three suspects, Tennyson High School students, were eventually located, identified and arrested.

October 24, 2013 2:30PM
Two suspects were arrested in the City of San Mateo for the murder of victim, Marcus Brown. Brown was murdered on 9/5/2013, behind a vacant house located at 1410 B. St. in Hayward.

October 25, 2013 7:45PM
A robbery occurred in the 26000 block of Peterman Ave. The victim was inside his home when he saw suspect #1 stealing his bicycle off the front porch. The victim confronted suspect #1 as he was loading the bicycle into a blue full size van. Suspect #2, the driver of the van, exited and brandished a handgun at the victim. The victim ran back to his home and both suspect chased him; catching him at the doorway. Suspect #2 pointed the handgun at the victim’s head, while Suspect #1 assaulted him. During the assault one of the suspects took the victim’s wallet, and both suspects fled in the van. The suspects are described as: Suspect #1-Black male, early 20’s, 6’0” and 180lbs; he was wearing a camouflage hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Suspect #2-Black male, early 20’s, 6’0” and 200lbs; he was wearing a grey hooded sweater and black pants. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigation Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 25, 2013 8:40PM
A stabbing occurred at 22467 Foothill Blvd. (I-Biz Internet Gambling). An argument between the suspect and victim occurred inside the business, and both went outside to fight. During the fight the suspect produced a knife and assaulted the victim with it. The victim suffered lacerations to his arms, and he was transported to a local hospital; but the wounds were non-life threatening. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigation Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 26, 2013 3:15AM
A shooting occurred in the 23000 block of Jorgensen Ln. Residents reported shots being fired in the neighborhood, and the suspect or victim ran into a house. Contact was made at the residence and a male admitted being shot at, but he was not injured. While inside the residence officer located a .380 handgun with the serial numbers filed off it. Anyone with information regarding the shooting is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigation Division at (510) 293-7034.

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Hayward police blotter 10/14-10/20

October 15, 2013 7:50PM
A robbery occurred at Western Blvd. and Peralta St. The 14 year old victim was walking on Western Blvd. when the suspect approached her on foot. The suspect grabbed the victim’s purse and cell phone from her hand, and then ordered her to remove her Air Jordan shoes. Suspect fled east on Peralta St. after obtaining the victim’s property. The suspect was described as a black male, early 20’s, 6’0”, thin build and bald head; he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.

October 15, 2013 9:28PM
An assault with a deadly weapon occurred at 21494 Foothill Blvd. (76 Gas Station). While sweeping up at the business, the clerk got into an argument with an unwanted male transient who refused to leave the property. During the argument the suspect took the clerk’s broom, and struck the clerk with it. The clerk sustained minor injuries, and the suspect was located a few blocks away and was arrested.

October 16, 2013 4:34PM
Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies advised Hayward police of a robbery that had just occurred in their jurisdiction. A short time later a Hayward police officer located two subjects matching the description of the sheriff department’s robbery suspects. Both suspects were detained and positively identified in the robbery. The sheriff’s department took custody of both suspects for robbery.

October 16, 2013 9:07PM
A vehicle collision occurred on Mission Blvd. at Berry Ave. A motorist traveling westbound on Berry Ave. ran a red light at Mission Blvd., and struck a motorcyclist who was traveling northbound on Mission Blvd. The motorist was found to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested at the scene. The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital with head trauma and a broken leg, but he is expected to survive.

October 17, 2013 12:15AM
Officers responded to the report of gunshots in the area of 171 W. Tennyson Rd. (El Tenampa Bar). An officer made contact with the informant, and his brother, who were both intoxicated. The officer noticed the informant, and his brother, matched the description of two suspects from a robbery/assault with a deadly weapon incident that occurred on 10/7/2013 on Manon Ave. The victim of the robbery was contacted and positively identified both subjects as the persons who robbed and assaulted him. Both suspects were arrested for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

October 17, 2013 5:04AM
Officers responded to 390 W. Jackson St. to investigate the report of a male and a female arguing inside a parked vehicle. Upon their arrival they learn the vehicle was reported stolen out of Gilroy CA. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.

October 20, 2013 8:38AM
East Bay Regional Parks Police (EBRPP) advised Hayward police they were in pursuit of a vehicle for vehicle code violations. During the pursuit EBRPP advised the vehicle collided with a light pole at the intersection of Hesperian Blvd. and Turner Ct. One suspect was taken into custody at the scene of the collision, but two other occupants fled on foot. Hayward police set a perimeter and the two outstanding suspects were located. The vehicle was found to be reported stolen and one of the suspects located was found to be wanted by Hayward police for burglary and forgery.

October 20, 2013 5:10PM
A robbery occurred at 391 W. A St. (76 Gas Station). The suspect entered the business and selected a beverage. When the suspect approached the clerk he handed him a demand note stating, “Give me your money, I have a gun.” The clerk was unresponsive to the note, and the suspect fled taking only his beverage. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at (510) 293-7034.


Posted on Monday, October 28th, 2013
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