Hayward open house to share vision for city’s future

HAYWARD — People’s eyes often glaze over when hearing the words “general plan,” but if you ask them what they want their city to look like in 25 years, most have suggestions.

Over the past 18 months, Hayward has been asking its residents the vision thing, and on Saturday, March 8, the staff will host an open house from 9 a.m. to noon to share the results.

The general plan often has been called a blueprint for future growth and development, though some question how people now can anticipate what the future may bring. Still, the overall direction helps the city make day-to-day decisions.

To get to the draft 2040 General Plan (named for the year it will expire?), city staffers held public workshops and Planning Commission and City Council study sessions. The liveliest discussion has been at the online community forum, www.Hayward2040.org, though it appears city planners may have tried to make the site dull while at the same time not checking their spelling. From the site: “What are your comments related to the enviornmental analysis for the draft General Plan?”

Now, you may be asking why you should get up early on Saturday and make yourself presentable. Seriously, this is something that affects all Hayward residents. At the open house, you’ll find a series of stations for the topics covered in the plan and that oh-so-popular EIR (that’s government-speak for environmental impact report, which is a boring way of saying that if a project could harm the environment, you’d better spell out what you’re going to do to make sure that doesn’t happen).

City staff members and consultants who worked on the general plan will be at the open house to answer questions. Overview presentations are planned every 45 minutes. It’s a drop-in event, so feel free to wander over from the Saturday farmers market any time during the three-hour event.

For those who don’t know, Hayward City Hall is at 777 B St.


Statement from family of Hayward twins

You’ve probably heard the tragic story that happened last week involving the Hayward High School students. We’re keeping an ear out for updates, but I received a press release  that was e-mailed to me by relatives of the twins. We’re not releasing any names at this point because of the nature of the case.

Here’s the family statement, which they want to be shared: Continue Reading


Holocaust survivor’s story

weinsteinYesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. The Daily Review profiled Maria Weinstein, a 79-year-old Hayward resident with a story that could fill a book. She lived through the Holocaust after nearly all the residents of her village were slain by Nazis in 1942.  

After the war, she raised her children in the Soviet Union, where one of her sons served four years in prison for his religious beliefs. She’s an inspiring woman and we’ve received a number of messages from people who said as much.

“When one stops to think, it hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago when these atrocities took place,” e-mailed a reader.  “Hopefully, many will be inspired by (Maria).  What a better world it would be if more people embraced Maria’s philosophy and outlook on life.”


HUSD board applicants


 Ten applicants for the temporary schools trustee position were announced at last night’s school school board meeting. They are:

Carolina Abatayo

Jesus Armas

Rick Bartholomew

Regina Brooks-Day

Audie Bock

Lawrence Fitzpatrick

William McGee

Kelly Rocchio

Monica Schultz

Cathy Stegall

An 11th candidate also turned in an application, but because the person was under 18, it was considered ineligible.

The board will hold a special public meeting from 1 to 5 p.m. on March 17 at the district offices to interview the candidates, and they are expected to make an appointment afterward. The temporary trustee will be sworn in on March 24 and serve until the board election in November.


Should schools teach, perform religious songs?

Margarita Lacabe, whose husband is San Leandro school board President Mike Katz-Lacabe, wants sacred music to be removed from elementary school music studies or school programs. We’ve been getting lots of letters and calls. Sound off here.