Hayward police blotter Jan. 29-Feb. 4

THUR, 1/29/15 at 12:40 AM, an ARMED ROBBERY occurred on Tennyson Road and Calaroga Avenue. Two Hispanic males (one with a handgun,) robbed a pedestrian of his backpack and checkbook. Both suspects fled in an unknown type 4 door sedan headed southbound on Interstate 880 from Tennyson Road.

THUR, 1/29/15 at 4:04 PM, a MARIJUANA GROW in a building was discovered on the 2200 block of Claremont Court. PG&E reported the suspicious activity due to excessive energy draw. The property manager responded with a locksmith to gain entry due to possible fire danger inspection. Over 1,000 marijuana plants found and the Hayward PD Narcotics Bureau was called out to take over the investigation.

THUR, 1/29/15 at 9:53 PM, AN ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON (Shooting) occurred on the 22000 block of Foothill Blvd. The victim and witness were sitting in the victim’s car, when they got into an argument with the suspect in a parking lot. The suspect walked away, but came back moments later. The suspect approached them from behind and fired a single shot into the vehicle, striking the victim in the back. The suspect fled on foot towards Hazel Avenue and was not located. The victim was transported to Eden Hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

THUR, 1/29/15 at 11:32 PM, a COMMERCIAL BURGLARY occurred on the 800 block of Southland Mall Drive. Two suspects hid inside a store until after closing. The suspects gathered a large amount of clothes and cologne and staged the merchandise near the exit doors. When officers arrived, both suspects tried to run away through the parking lot, but were captured. The merchandise was recovered and returned to the store.

FRI, 1/30/15 at 1:11 AM, an ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 31000 block of Wheeler Avenue. The victim was walking to his vehicle when a 4-door black sedan pulled up next to him. The suspect exited the sedan wearing a ski mask and brandished a handgun at the victim. The suspect took the victim’s cell phone and wallet, then left northbound on Brae Burn Avenue, in the sedan.

FRI, 1/30/15 at 2:00 PM, The Alameda County VICE Enforcement Team (ACVET) had its first joint operation of 2015. The event was hosted by Union City and Hayward Police Departments. The operation was attended by six participating agencies. Several ABC inspections in both cities occurred, resulting in cites being issued for 12 violations (6 in Union City, 6 in Hayward). Afterward checks at problem hotel/motels checks were done, which resulted in one probation search and one felony arrest.

FRI, 1/30/15 at 9:45 PM, an ATTEMPTED ROBBERY occurred on the 100 block of West Jackson Street. The suspect told the victim to give him all his money, but the victim refused. The suspect punched the victim 4-6 times and fled southbound on Cypress Avenue. The suspect was described as an unknown race male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt zipped up to look like a skeleton mask, riding a silver bicycle.

SAT, 1/31/15 at 4:48 AM, a VEHICLE COLLIDED into a house on the 24000 block of Grand Avenue. The suspect driver was first involved in a property hit-and-run on A St before crashing into the home on the Grand Avenue. The home sustained minor structural damage and the driver was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and hit-and-run. Nobody was injured.

MON, 2/2/15 at 1:18 AM, a HOME INVASION/ROBBERY occurred on the 26000 block of Chisholm Court. The victim was at his apartment, visiting with a friend. When the friend stepped out of the apartment for a short time, the suspect entered the apartment and pointed a handgun at the victim. The suspect threatened the victim, then grabbed the victim’s laptop and wallet. The suspect left in an unknown direction. The suspect was described as a Hispanic or Black male, 5’10”-6’00” tall. He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black bandana which covered his face, and dark pants.

TUE, 2/3/15 at 12:21 AM, an ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 600 block of Sycamore Avenue. Two male victims were approached by Suspect #1 (a Black male adult) and were asked for a cigarette. Suspect #1 then pulled out a handgun and demanded money from both victims. Suspect #2 (a Black male adult) pulled up in a dark green sedan (Possibly a Honda) and got out to assist Suspect #1. The victims gave the suspects their wallets. Suspect #1 pistol whipped one of the victims prior to leaving. Both suspects got into their vehicle and drove off on Sycamore Ave.

WED, 2/4/15 at 12:49 PM, a RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY occurred on the 27000 block of Capri Avenue. A neighbor reported that two Black males knocked on the door and then jumped the fence to the backyard. The neighbor knew the people who lived there just left about 20 minutes earlier and called the police. Officers searched for the suspects, but discovered the informant neighbor drove his/her vehicle into the driveway of the victim’s residence and honked the horn to scare the suspects away. The suspects were last seen driving away on Portsmouth Ave in a silver colored car.


Hayward tenant rights clinic Feb. 10

HAYWARD — An attorney will be at City Hall to discuss tenant rights Feb. 10.
The clinic from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is first come, first served on a walk-in basis. Only the first five people who sign in before 12:30 p.m. are guaranteed a consultation.

The attorney will provide brief consultations on a range of tenant issues, including rent increases, evictions and living conditions. The clinic is hosted by Centro Legal de la Raza.

The wait time to see the attorney could be 30 minutes or longer. Those wanting to attend the clinic should check in with the information desk at City Hall, 777 B St.


Black History Month: Bill Patterson to give talk in San Leandro

SAN LEANDRO — Bill Patterson, one of Oakland’s civic champions, will give a talk Feb. 11 as part of Black History Month.

Patterson has been active in political campaigns and community organizations for more than four decades.

The past president of the Oakland NAACP is a retired Oakland Parks and Recreation manager. He has been credited by many athletes who have gone on to gain Hall of Fame recognition, including basketball’s Bill Russell and baseball’s Joe Morgan.

Patterson was a confidant and adviser to Lionel Wilson, Oakland’s  first African-American mayor.

Information about elder care resources also will be provided at the gathering from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Feb. 11 at the San Leandro City Hall  Sister Cities Gallery, 835 E. 14th St. Admission is free; to register for breakfast, contact maecity@aol.com.
The Rev. Betty Clark will present information about colon cancer and its effects on the black community. Clark is the spiritual care coordinator for Senior Moments, which provides support for isolated, disabled and home-bound older adults.

Hayward police blotter, Jan. 22-27

THUR, 1/22/15 at 1:10 PM, AN AUTO BURGLARY/AUTO THEFT (SUSPECT IN CUSTODY) occurred on the 21000 block of Foothill. A witness saw the (S) forcing entry into a vehicle and called the police. Officers who work in the Downtown area were already familiar with (S) and saw him driving out of the area. The officers detained (S), who also happened to be in a stolen car. Property from a prior auto burglary and the one (S) just committed was found in the (S)’s stolen car. Moreover, (S) happens to be on parole.

THUR, 1/22/15 at 2:00 PM, A PAROLEE IN POSSESSION OF A HANDGUN, POSSESSION OF METHAMPHETAMINE AND POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES WITH THE INTENT TO SELL (SUSPECT IN CUSTODY), occurred on the 22000 block of Myrtle. Officers saw (S) sitting in a car and were aware he is on probation and parole, with full search conditions. Officers searched (S) and the car and found a loaded gun. Officers searched (S)’s residence and found controlled substances, along with evidence (S) possessed the substances to sell them.

FRI, 1/23/15 at 11:50 AM, AN ATTEMPTED BURGLARY (SUSPECTS IN CUSTODY) occurred on the 24000 block of O’Neill. A neighbor saw two (S)’s entering the garage/backyard of a home and the neighbor realized the males did not reside there. The neighbor notified police and officers detained the (S)’s as they tried to walk away. Officers discovered the (S)’s tried to force entry into the home and the owner of the home did not know the (S)’s, so they were arrested.

FRI, 1/23/15 at 2:15 PM, A ROBBERY (SUSPECT IN CUSTODY) occurred on the 22000 block of Foothill. (S) asked the 80 yr old female (V) who recently had hip surgery, for a cigarette. When (V) did not give (S) a cigarette, (S) attacked (V), grabbing (V)’s cane out of her hand and knocking (V)’s cigarettes onto the ground. (S) took the cigarettes and left, after throwing (V)’s cane up onto the roof of a nearby building. Witnesses followed (S) and directed officers to (S)’s location, where they arrested her upon their arrival. Luckily (V) sustained only minor injuries during the incident and the Hayward Fire Department assisted officers in retrieving (V)’s cane.

FRI, 1/23/15 at 7:30 PM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 2700 block of Oliver. The male (V) was getting out of his car when 2 (S)’s walked up and demanded his money at gunpoint. After (V) gave them his money, they ran away toward Tennyson Rd. The (S)’s black males juveniles, wearing black clothing, gloves, and bandanas which covered their faces. No further description.

FRI, 1/23/15 at 8:10 PM, AN ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON/KNIFE (SUSPECT IN CUSTODY) occurred at Kennedy Park. The (V) teenaged female agreed to meet the (S) teenaged female at the park to fight. Once the fight began, (S) took out a knife and cut (V) and herself accidentally. Both (V) and (S) suffered minor injuries to their hands. (S) was arrested when officers arrived.

SAT, 1/24/15 at 1:30 PM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred at Patrick/Westwood. The female (V) was walking down the street with her 12 yr old son, when the 2 (S)’s walked up behind her and took her cell phone out of her back pocket. (V)’s son tried to wrestle the cell phone away from the (S), but (S) pulled out a gun and ordered the 12 yr old to let it go, while pointing the gun at the boy’s chest. The 12 yr old let go and the (S)’s ran to a nearby car, driven by an unknown person. The (S)’s all sped off. (S)’s are both black male adults in their 30’s, both short-medium height and with a medium build. The car was a newer blue sedan.

SAT, 1/24/15 at 8:50 PM, AN ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 27000 block of Manon. The male victim was standing in front of his apartment when the 2 (S)’s approached and demanded money. (S) #1 was armed with a gun and struck (V) with it in the head. (S) # 2 had a knife and slashed at (V)’s face. (S)’s took (V)’s money and ran away. Both suspects are Hispanic male adults, about 18 yrs old, short with thin builds. (S) #1 was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, while (S) #2 was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. (V) suffered minor injuries during the incident and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

SUN, 1/25/15 at 9:15 AM, A FELON IN POSSESSION OF A HANDGUN AND STOLEN PROPERTY (SUSPECT IN CUSTODY) occurred on the 400 block of W. A St. An officer discovered the (S) is on probation with a full search clause and searched (S) and his car. (S) had a gun hidden under the driver’s seat and several stolen credit cards were in his wallet. The officer discovered at least two of the credit cards were stolen during a robbery, which occurred in Concord. Concord PD and Hayward PD investigators are following up to determine whether the (S) had any involvement in the robberies.

TUES, 1/27/15 at 7:45 AM, A STRONG ARMED ROBBERY occurred on the 100 block of Schafer. The female (V) was preparing to drop family members off at school and BART, when the (S) demanded (V)’s money. (V) refused and (S) grabbed her purse. They wrestled over it briefly before (S) knocked (V) down to the ground, ripped her purse away from her and ran off to a nearby vehicle. (S) got into the driver’s seat and drove off. (S) is a Hispanic male adult, about 30 yrs old, about 5’11” with a thin build, and wearing a black beanie, black and white shirt, gray sweater, and blue jeans. He was driving a silver import make SUV.

TUES, 1/27/15 at 6:30 PM, AN AUTO VS PEDESTRIAN COLLISION occurred at Arbor/A St. The male pedestrian was crossing A St near Arbor, but was not inside a crosswalk. The motorist was driving westbound on A St in the #2 lane and struck the pedestrian. The pedestrian suffered major injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. He remains in serious but stable condition.



San Leandro: Traditional Mexican dress on display starting Feb. 13

SAN LEANDRO — Costumes from Ballet Folklorico Mexicano of Oakland will be displayed at the Main Library starting Feb. 13.

“Trajes Regionales de Mexico” (“Regional Costumes of Mexico”) explores the role of regional dress in Mexican folk dance, music and costuming.

The exhibit opens at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 13, in the library atrium. Carlos Moreno, artistic director and choreographer for Ballet Folklorico de Mexiano, will open the exhibit with a demonstration of dances from his company and a discussion of the display, which brings together costumes from the regions of Mexico.

“Trajes Regionales de Mexico” showcases 20 costumes, including the huipil (“gala”), an  embroidered dress from Oaxaca, home of the Zapotec and Mixtec; a charros suit with a wide sombrero trimmed in silver from Jalisco, known for its horsemen and mariachi; and costumes from Veracruz.

Moreno will discuss regional influences, details and history of the costumes, such as the mens’ Cuban “Guayabera,” named for having pockets big enough to hold more than one guava fruit.

The library is at 300 Estudillo Ave.



San Francisco Giants World Series trophies coming to Hayward Jan. 29

HAYWARD — You can have your picture taken with the San Francisco Giants’ three World Series trophies on Thursday, Jan. 29, and it’s all for a good cause.

The 2010, 2012 and 2014 world championship trophies will be on display at City Hall. Viewing is free, but a contribution of $2 a person is suggested to support the local Junior Giants program.

The Hayward stop is part of a tour of Junior Giants communities in Northern and Central California, Oregon and Nevada.

“As a huge San Francisco Giants fan myself, I’m obviously very excited to welcome the trophies to Hayward,” said Mayor Barbara Halliday in a statement.

“The Giants have also made an important contribution to our community through their sponsorship of the Junior Giants program, which served more than 750 Hayward area children in 2014. Even if you’re an A’s fan, come out to check out the trophies and support our local kids,” she said.

The trophies will be on display from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday in City Hall Rotunda, 777 B St.

Junior Giants is a free co-ed baseball program run by the Hayward police department for the past 13 years. Volunteers are needed for the upcoming eight-week season that starts June 15. If interested, contact Emily Young at emily.young@hayward-ca-gov or 510-293-3333.


Hayward community academy applications accepted

HAYWARD — The police’s next community academy begins March 3.

The free nine-week course will be held Tuesdays from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. Topics that will be covered include police patrol structure and district command; special victims unit; robbery prevention and personal safety; vice/intelligence and gangs; SWAT and K-9 Unit; 911; and firearms training simulator.

Those attending must be 18 years or older and pass a background check.  The academy will be held through April 28 at the police department’s North District Office, 22701 Main St. (corner of C and Main streets).

Seating is limited. To apply, go to www.haywardpd.net or contact Gale Bleth, 510-293-7151, gale.bleth@hayward-ca.gov, or Mary Fabian, 510-293-1043, mary.fabian@hayward-ca.gov.



Castro Valley: Bike and pedestrian advisory panel applications sought

CASTRO VALLEY — The county is looking for residents to serve on a bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee.

The newly created Castro Valley Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will work with county public works staff on a Castro Valley bicycle and pedestrian master plan.

To be eligible, those applying must be Castro Valley residents or own property or a business in the community. Applications are due by Feb. 6.

To apply, go to www.acgov.org/pwa or call senior transportation planner Paul Keener at 510-670-6458.


Hayward art exhibit features ‘Places We Have Never Been’

"Awaiting Death"

“Awaiting Death”

By Bruce Roberts

Imagine an art display combining the wackiest, most imaginative of three-dimensional work, along with a shattering array of children’s art focused on the horrors of war: imagination and reality, a combination that startles a viewer’s consciousness.

Foothill Gallery of the Hayward Arts Council is hosting this unique combination from Jan. 15 to Feb. 6 in the show “Places We have Never Been.” The 3-D works are by James Pridham, a man with a long Bay Area career of putting things together—“assemblage” in the world of art.

The children’s drawings and paintings are from Paintbrush Diplomacy, which encourages the exchange of children’s art from around the world. Executive Director Joan Sieber, a Hayward resident, has loaned these pictures, simple in their design, but complex and chilling in their subject.
James Pridham’s work is amazing, crafted with consummate skill and intricate detail. His miniature seaport took 4,000 hours of work, creating every building, every boat, every knot in a His mysterious devices made of found materials challenge the viewer to break out of old categories.

Many are steampunk creations. Steampunk has been defined as Victorian futurism, a sort of “Jules Verne meets Rube Goldberg.” Others have distorted allusions to classical stories and ideas. Fans of J.R.R.Tolkien will love his “Encounter in the Mirkwood” and “Middle Earth Pridham’s flights of fancy are balanced with the serious and tragic pictures created by real children from war zones.

The Paintbrush Diplomacy artwork focuses mostly on art by children caught in the Croatian War of the 1990s, by artists from 8 to 16 years old. A recurring theme is groups of people surrounded by barbed wire, many of them faceless, as if their humanity has been erased.

In other scenes, tanks roll over flowers, armed paratroopers descend through the sky, a large, blood-red hand reaches toward a city. In one particularly violent image, two white doves—traditional symbols of peace—fly before a city exploding with red billowing clouds, while underneath,  a black-hooded figure with slits for eyes and a long gun fires upward.

This thought-provoking exhibit is on display at Foothill Gallery, 22394 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, in the Center for History and Culture. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The artist’s reception is from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24.


Hayward police blotter Jan. 8-14

THUR, 1/8/15 at 3:10 PM, POSSESSION OF LOADED FIREARMS with arrests occurred at Martin Luther King Jr Drive and Gibbons Street. A patrol officer pulled a vehicle over for nearly hitting his patrol car head-on, and other vehicle code violations. A rear passenger of the vehicle hid two loaded handguns under the driver’s seat and then fled on foot. A second rear passenger grabbed one of the handguns and threw it out of the window (into some bushes.) The officer was able to recover both handguns at the scene; however, the male suspect who fled the scene was not located.

THUR, 1/8/15 at 4:48 PM, a RESIDENTAL BURGLARY occurred on the 27000 block of Gading Road. A resident came home and found his door forced open and heard noises inside. The resident called the police fearing there may be a burglar still inside. Officer’s arrived on scene and found the home unoccupied and ransacked throughout. No suspect was found.

FRI, 1/9/15 at 9:54 AM, an ARMED ROBBERY occurred in the greenway adjacent to the 400 block of Berry Avenue. Two suspects approached the victim with a handgun. One of the suspects grabbed the victim’s hair and pulled her to the ground. The victim then felt a blunt object (presumably a gun) jabbed into the right side of her abdomen and was told to keep quiet or they’ll shoot her. The other suspect stole the victim’s ring from her finger; the earrings from her ears; and a cell phone from her pocket. The suspects then ran south towards Charles Avenue. The suspects were described as Black males, mid twenty’s, 5’6” to 5’10” in height. They were both wearing black hooded sweat shirts. Anyone with information regarding this robbery is encouraged to contact the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at 510-293-7034.

SUN, 1/11/15 at 3:33 PM, an OUTSIDE ASSIST was requested by Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies in the area of Santa Clara Street /Ocie Way. ACSO requested assistances to apprehend a suspect who had just fled from them in a stolen vehicle. A perimeter was quickly established, and the suspect was taken into custody within 15 minutes and without further incident.

TUES, 1/13/15 at 1:06 PM, an ATTEMPTED ROBBERY occurred on the 300 block of West A Street. The victim was walking through the parking lot when two suspects approached him. One suspect simulated a handgun in his sweatshirt and the second suspect pushed the victim and demanded his property. The victim ran into the gas station prior to the suspects taking any of his property. Suspect #1 was a Hispanic male, 30 years old, 5’7”, 200 lbs., with a short black faded hairstyle, brown eyes, mustache and goatee. He was wearing a green t-shirt with a large white “A” on the front, and blue jeans. Suspect #2 is a Hispanic male, 40-45 years old, 6’1”, and 165 lbs. He was last seen wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt with horizontal gray/yellow/blue stripes along the front of the shirt, gray bandana covering his face, blue jeans, white shoes, and simulated a gun underneath his sweatshirt. Suspect #3 is a Black male adult, 40-45 years old, bald head and clean shaven. He wore a blue t-shirt and was driving the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle was a gray 2000 4-door Dodge Dakota truck with a bed cover. Anyone with information regarding this attempted robbery is encouraged to contact the Hayward Police Department Investigations Division at 510-293-7034.

TUES, 1/13/15 at 1:29 PM, an OUTSIDE ASSIST was requested by Livermore Police Department in the area of Jackson Street and Watkins Avenue. Livermore PD detectives were in an unmarked vehicle witnessing a vehicle being stolen in Oakland by two suspects. The detectives followed the suspects into Hayward and attempted to pull them over in a parking lot on Mission Boulevard. Just as Hayward PD officers arrive, both suspects fled on foot. The passenger suspect was captured by Hayward PD a few blocks away. Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies conducted a K-9 search for the driver and he was eventually found in a backyard of residence.

WED, 1/14/15 at 7:53 AM, a SHOOTING INTO A DWELLING occurred on the 30000 block of Carroll Avenue. A resident called the police to report that their home was shot at. No one in the home was injured and the neighboring school imposed a voluntary lockdown until the area was secured. No shell casings were located and the home is a known gang house.

WED, 1/14/15 at 5:07 PM, a juvenile is in custody for POSSESSION OF A STOLEN VEHICLE AND TWO COUNTS OF ROBBERY. The victim and suspect both attend the same school. Yesterday (1/13/15,) while on campus, the suspect brandished a knife at the victim and stole his cell phone. This incident went unreported. Today, the same suspect confronted the victim and saw he had a new phone. The suspect pushed the victim to the ground and stole his new phone. Later in the day, the victim saw the suspect sitting in a vehicle on Gading Road and confronted him about his stolen cell phones. In a separate incident and during the same time, the registered owner of the vehicle found his stolen vehicle (that the suspect was sitting in) and called Hayward PD. The suspect was arrested and one of the victim’s cell phones was recovered.