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Elvis loved America.

By Tony Hicks
Friday, August 3rd, 2007 at 11:59 am in Uncategorized.

After a story I wrote earlier this week about the incredible amount of pop culture anniversaries we’re celebrating this year, an upset reader called and e-mailed about 12 of my bosses, my mom, my former mother-in-law, my children, and my dad…who’s dead. Apparently, she really loves Elvis and wasn’t very happy that I pointed out Elvis died on his toilet 30 years ago this month.

Well…he did.

The reader claimed I disrespected Elvis. She pointed out he was a symbol of America, served his country, changed rock and roll, didn’t talk behind people’s backs, was a humanitarian, etc. None of these things I deny. I love Elvis. Especially since he used to squeeze into those jumpsuits and sing “Burning Love,” which makes me happy as pie when I get on YouTube to watch 70 or 80 times a night.

But Elvis died on his toilet. On drugs.

And I left out the part about him being on drugs when he died on his toilet.

I also left out the part about him having to legally adopt his wife or something before she could leave her family to be with him.

Hero worship is a funny thing. It’s a lot easier for some of us to worship celebrities before we grow up to become cynics who can’t help noticing how things work on the “Pirates of the Carribean,” instead of just enjoying the ride. The reader mentioned something about “loyalty.” I don’t quite understand what there is to be loyal about. Elvis is no more worthy of personal loyalty than any half-decent human being I’ve never met. However, his music and abilities are entirely different. I’ll defend those until the day I die on my own toilet.

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3 Responses to “Elvis loved America.”

  1. Joe Says:

    The downside to the blog is that, in most cases, we are our own editors.

    “After I story I wrote earlier this week…”

  2. Danny Says:

    The other downside is the people who have nothing better to do than criticize grammar on a blog. C’mon people, are you reading the blog or just checking for errors?

    Also, about the actual blog, people are just a little nuts about their Elvis, which is how I explain Las Vegas to many people. What other nation would need 3.5 million impersonators of one celebrity, leading into a reality TV competition for the world’s best impersonator with two different Elvises, or is it Elvi, in the finals.


  3. Joe Says:

    I was including myself in that “downside”. And I consider it a favor when someone points out a grammatical error in my writing. Better to correct it then look like an ass. Just sayin’.