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I Love This Country

By Tony Hicks
Monday, August 6th, 2007 at 4:54 pm in Uncategorized.

Tony HIcks outside Hooters

Finally, the United States is sending something to the Middle East that can do the world some good.

Dubai is getting a Hooters!

Well, maybe.

As reported on (I really hope this isn’t a joke), Harry Grindrod (please let this be a real person), the director of Hooters European Franchising, says the company is moving forward with plans, despite earlier reports of the company backing off a planned three branches in Dubai because of public opposition.

It seems that some folks in some Middle Eastern areas have an aversion to delicious hot wings … served up by busty females in tight white shirts and incredibly small orange shorts.

It only makes sense to wear as little clothing as possible over there. After all, it gets mighty hot in the Middle East. We wouldn’t want working women to suffer from heatstroke.

Which, I guess, doesn’t explain why they wear the same thing at Hooters in Anchorage, which I had the pleasure to visit in June. It must be the heat from the kitchen. That’s right — I went all the way to Alaska for the hot wings.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on what Middle Eastern women are supposed to wear in their particular countries. I went to private school for seven years, so I have an aversion to uniforms of any kind. BUT … Hooters is a private business and therefore has the right to ask employees to wear uniforms. So what they wear outside is their business. But rules are rules at work.

It’s nice to see that we can keep spreading American culture all over the world, therefore making it a more peaceful place.

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