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Tony Hicks May Be Selling a Car

By Tony Hicks
Sunday, August 19th, 2007 at 2:35 pm in Uncategorized.

It’s really great when you have a kid overseas for an extended period of time who left her responsibilities back in the U.S. Which make them your responsibilities by default.
So my stepdaughter is in Singapore for a few months, leaving behind her car and car payment, for which I’m partially responsible, since I came down with some sort of jungle brain virus and decided it would be wise to co-sign for the car last year.

Let’s just say the plan hasn’t exactly gone according to plan.

Translation: I’ve been making a lot of the payments.

She’s a good kid, had to quit her job, was trying to graduate from high school while going through a tough time, and I’m a big softie. I wasn’t happy at all when she announced plans to go to Singapore – for a few reasons. One of which was that she wouldn’t be around for me to physically intimidate and eventually strangle should she not make her car payments in a timely fashion.

So last week her first post-trip payment was due. I e-mailed her a reminder. Then, in case she was paying more attention to MySpace than e-mail, I went to contact her through MySpace. It was there I saw the bulletin.

She’s apparently guitar shopping.

She posted an all points bulletin looking for someone to help her spend whatever money she has (I don’t know where she’s getting it) on an electric guitar.

Did I mention she already has an electric guitar she never plays?

She’s since e-mailed me a very sweet promise of quick payment. We’ll see. In a week I may be back here, posting an ad for a cheap used Nissa Sentra.

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