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Respect Kanye (Or Else).

By Tony Hicks
Sunday, September 30th, 2007 at 5:54 am in Uncategorized.

This just in: Kanye West has destroyed an entire Southern California supermarket after not winning the cake-of-the-day contest in the bakery department.

No deaths were reported, but three blue-haired bakery workers were taken to the hospital for shock, after West knocked over a display case of bear claws, screaming something about not being properly respected by the supermarket establishment.

I don’t care how good Kanye West is — and he has his moments — but, for the most part, is either overrated or benefiting from a weak era in hip-hop. It’s hard to tell. I have his new record and every time I get close to listening to it, I read something about his complaining about being disrespected, or whatever, and I immediately would prefer hearing Marie Osmond sing “Paper Roses.”

Last week, West was at a Us Weekly party in L.A. when MTV — who had the nerve to nominate him for five Video Music Awards earlier this month — tried filming a red carpet interview conducted by the magazine, according to the Us Weekly’s website.

The rapper “swatted away the MTV cameras, telling the cameraman and producer, ‘I have nothing against you, just your bosses.’ ”

The producer protested, “I have nothing to do with that, man,” but Kanye kept his hand over the lens during his entire interview with Us.”

West, of course, didn’t win any of the five awards for which he was nominated. He has a history of throwing fits at award shows when he doesn’t win. I get it … my posse and I rushed the stage at last year’s Pulitzer presentation. It’s a matter of respect …

Hey pal, look on the bright side. You didn’t win any of the five awards for which you were nominated. But on the other hand, you’re not Britney Spears either.

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