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I Love Alaska

By Tony Hicks
Saturday, October 20th, 2007 at 8:10 pm in Uncategorized.

OK – So I’m spending Saturday night watching (on Tivo) “Men In Trees,” which chronicles the drama-humor of a small town in Alaska, complete with weirdos and a small town radio station where philosophy is spouted daily.

Am I wrong, or did we do this in the ’90s with much better results?

I admit to being guilty and not reading the reviews, so I’m not sure what the professionals think of Nothern Exposure 2007, er, ah, “Men in Trees.” But I’ve watched it twice now. And you’d be much better off ordering “Northern Exposure” DVDs from Amazon. It’s not even close.

I thought I had other important things to blog about today – like Sarah surviving the cutdown on “America’s Next Top Model” (she will be mine). But the idea that a TV network can wait a few years until an excellent and popular show is canceled before ripping it off, is irritating. “Northern Exposure” was original, well-written and entertaining; “Men in Trees” is a rip-off. Though I have to say, after spending a week in Alaska earlier this year, there’s plenty of off-beat people for ten TV shows.

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