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In Case You Don’t Want To Eat Much Today…

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, November 22nd, 2007 at 8:19 am in Uncategorized.

Some people may not want to spend Thanksgiving eating until their pants explode and they fall into a coma on Aunt Lily’s living room floor.

For folks needing an extra incentive — or something sufficiently disgusting to make them perhaps never want to eat again, I offer you this charming tale of the girl with the bad habit of eating her own hair.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the advertisement appearing on top of the page when I found this lovely little ditty was for bran flakes. It was flashing “CONSTIPATED?”

Have a happy, and digestible, Thanksgiving.

Photo of Thanksgiving search results from Flickr user under Creative Commons license

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One Response to “In Case You Don’t Want To Eat Much Today…”

  1. Joe Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too T. By the way? Gross.