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Tony Hicks is on Drugs

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, December 13th, 2007 at 12:16 pm in Uncategorized.

Since it’s going to come out today anyway, I’ll go ahead and beat George Mitchell to the punch.

I’m on steroids.

Have been since I won my first Press Club award back in ’97. I couldn’t get enough. Besides giving me a highly-chisled, intimidating frame of which the ladies just couldn’t get enough, suddenly the words seemed clearer, the meaning deeper, the zingers … zingier. And now that Mitchell has finished his investigation, I’m sure to face deeper scrutiny. I’m sure the TV cameras will roll in here any second now.

So I’d just like to apologize. But I didn’t make anything up. Well … not much. Except for some of the stuff about explosions and fires and chainsaws … and cows.

I’d be curious though, and I’ll leave the serious commentary to the Sports guys, to go back and listen to some of F.P. Santangilo’s talk show comments the past couple years, especially on KNBR, where seven seconds can’t pass without someone offering an opinion on Barry Bond’s growing skull. Somebody needs to do some research. Unfortunately, I’m really busy with real journalism, like stories about Britney Spears shopping at gas stations at 2 a.m.

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One Response to “Tony Hicks is on Drugs”

  1. HeyJoe Says:

    Prednisone is a steroid! I’ve taken it for colitis!! I’m guilty! Unclean, unclean!