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Presidents Don’t Cry?

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 at 2:17 pm in Uncategorized.

I love how people are jumping on Hillary Clinton for supposedly getting choked up Monday while describing how tough the campaign trail can be. How this has become an issue is beyond me, especially concerning those screaming that a president can’t cry.

I watched the video and I still can’t find where she actually “cries.” There’s some emotion and a bit of hesitation at one point, but nothing coming close to real crying.

You want to see real crying, come over to my house when “Brian’s Song” is on.

This is a non-partisan issue as far as I’m concerned, because I wouldn’t be surprised if any politician conjured tears when they needed to look more human. But she just didn’t do it. But the outcry isn’t surprising, considering how polarizing Clinton can be. I’m not her biggest fan, to be sure, but to say she demonstrated a weakness a president can’t have sounds suspiciously sexist. And the people who are screaming loudest probably didn’t see the clip, or are kidding themselves.

But please, click on the clip above and judge for yourself. In the meantime, let’s talk about presidents who cry.

Hey, wasn’t this guy presidential enough to be elected twice?

Hey, wasn’t this guy the head of the CIA, a two-term vice-president, president, and liberator of Kuwait?

Wasn’t this guy a two-term president? Didn’t he beat this guy?

Hillary Clinton MAY have got a little emotional, once – big deal. First she’s not emotional enough, now she’s too emotional. Enough already. Let’s move on to the issues.

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2 Responses to “Presidents Don’t Cry?”

  1. Nanette Says:

    The biggest mistake anyone can make is assuming a womens tears are weekness. As we women know if the tears are forming there is going to be a storm that follows.

  2. Cleo Says:

    You’re right; BFD. Petty “newsmakers,” and idiot followers that have no ability to think on thier own, of which there are many, allow the non-issue to perpetuate. (Disclosure: I’m no fan of any Clinton).