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Stupid People

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 at 3:13 pm in Uncategorized.

I always hesitate to label people as “stupid,” as I once knew someone who had a bumper sticker claiming they “hate stupid people.”

He, of course, was one of the stupidest people I’ve ever known.

But that’s just me – he probably thinks I’m stupid too (but I don’t dress as poorly as him; and that’s saying something). So we’re even.

But wow, are we up to our armpits in stupidity this week. beginning in that noted haven of stupidity, Washington D.C., where elected officials are tripping over themselves to look stupid, either by sucking up (Dan Burton) to the worst liar on the planet (Roger Clemens), or spending far too much money and time (the entire “steroids” committee) chasing their tails for cameras on an issue that can’t possibly be resolved (I said, you said, he said, he mispoke, he misremembered, he mistupid, ). I’d swear there’s something else happening somewhere requiring the attention of these wise leaders of ours.

As for Clemens, I’d like to personally thank him for adding new words to the roll of pop culture identifiers. “Misheard,” was great, but “Misremembers,” was gold. Thanks Rog. By the way, listening to Clemens continue to deny he ate steroids in the face of all that contradictory testimony from his pals makes me realize his rear end wasn’t the only body part that was injected with steroids.

Yes, I mean his groin area. Move on please.

But it gets better, speaking of leaders, because if I lived in Berkeley I might be packing up right now. I love Berkeley. I used to cover the city, so I’ve had some experience with some of these folks involved in the “hey, let’s kick recruiters out of our town” controversy. And even some of the town’s most notorious left-wingers are shaking their heads at this. Because a city can’t call itself a haven for free speech and open-minded exchange when its government condemns one group, then goes a step further by encouraging its residents to stand in front of its shop with bullhorns and disrupt it as much as possible.  

Quick question: Did the recruiting station just SHOW UP one day? Because I’m pretty sure even the Federal government has to get some sort of license to operate inside a city. I’m thinking the military didn’t use eminent domain, or rifles with bayonets, to just take over that space. The city said yes, then went back on its word … then essentially told people to take to the streets to cover its mistake.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of stupidity to go around. For example, who asked pro-military people from TEXAS to show up? I heard one guy screaming at another on the radio “What do you know about the military” over and over to an anti-military protester. My first response was “What the hell do YOU know about Berkeley, pal? Berkeley isn’t Texas; it’s not even Albany or Oakland. Where’s the line allowing a city to determine what kind of business it wants inside its borders?

This would be an entirely different issue if the city was trying to stop a recruitment office from coming to town BEFORE it showed up. Or even if this whole thing was about the military being a discriminatory organization by not allowing openly-homosexual people to join. Or if it was about the military’s shady recruiting practices.

Otherwise, this is just the kind of pointless grandstanding that gives Berkeley its reputation for nuttiness. Turning on the military recruiters as an anti-Iraq War statement is missing the point. I can sympathize, because this war was wrong from the get-go, and people are dying every day because of a few arrogant people in Washington who never went to war themselves. But no one in their right mind would argue that we don’t need a strong military, and the soldiers only go where their duly-elected leaders send them. Perhaps these city politicians should instead run for Congress, where their anti-war opinions can do some real good.  

Wow, that was pretty serious of me. I think I need to go towel off …

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3 Responses to “Stupid People”

  1. HeyJoe Says:

    EASY big fella. Don’t go blowin’ a gasket on us.

  2. Tony Hicks Says:

    Yeah, good point. I feel faint. I’d better stick to Britney Spears and squirrels. Especially since I just read the editorial on the subject written by the editor of the Berkeley Voice, which I didn’t see before I went all high and mighty. His was much better.

  3. d66061298a2c Says: