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Outer Space Explosions Rule

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, February 21st, 2008 at 7:24 am in Uncategorized.

I’m sure everyone has already seen this, since the military is doing everything short of sticking out its collective tongue at China while announcing plans to make the film available at IMAX theaters around the globe…

But even a tree-hugging hippie would admit shooting a missile from a ship and hitting a satellite going 17,000 miles per hour in outer space is pretty cool. Unless it’s a Russian or Chinese hippie.

I especially like the part at the end of the tape, when Han Solo says “Great shot kid, that was one in a million,” while Darth Vader spins off into space, recovering control of his TIE fighter to go back to the Emperor.

Please click on that last sentence. It’s even funnier than the guy at the Pentagon trying to keep a straight face while talking about how his guys made something explode in outer space.

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