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World’s Dumbest Criminals

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, February 28th, 2008 at 4:53 pm in Uncategorized.

Let’s see: If I need money quick and need to pull a heist, which would be better: that restaurant over there, maybe the gas station on the corner … or the place with all the intimidating motorcycles in front of it.

Right. Let’s rob the place full of bikers.

In what had to be the most predictable outcome since the Dream Team versus Angola, 50 bikers beat the snot out of two would-be robbers in an Australian club when they had the funny idea their two machetes would scare people into giving up their money.

This wouldn’t even happen in a “Cannonball Run” movie. It’s just too far-fetched.  

Speaking of the Dream Team versus Angola:

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2 Responses to “World’s Dumbest Criminals”

  1. RRR Says:

    What about the idiot who wrote a hold-up note on the back of his own deposit slip ? Or the Granny who was caught at Disneyworld with a loaded gun, a butcher knife and a pair of scissors in her purse? Hey, check your e-mail for more info…RRR

  2. ad972810bbed Says: