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With Friends Like These …

By Tony Hicks
Monday, March 31st, 2008 at 1:13 pm in Uncategorized.

Nothing like waking up after a bender not knowing where you are.

Sure, you’ve been there. We all have. I may or may not have even been there myself … once. When I was very young, yet still of legal drinking age.

But imagine waking up hungover and not knowing where you are … then realizing you’re in the back of a garbage truck that’s about to start compacting.

That recently happened to William M. Bowen of Muncie, Ind. He was out drinking with his buddies the previous night and didn’t remember how he got in a trash bin, which was dumped into a garbage truck the next morning. The driver was about to activate the compactor when he heard Bowen’s screams.

A couple more minutes and he would’ve really been screaming. Guess someone’s not going to be able to sit through the trash compactor scene in “Star Wars” anymore. 

Of course he knows who did it — because that’s what friends are for. That’s what guys do to each other. We roam in packs and often single out the most vulnerable (i.e. drunkest) guy to put into a shopping cart, or bushes, or behind the wheel of a vacant police car. Because we care. And because it’s really funny.

Bowen doesn’t remember because he’s trying to keep his pals out of trouble, which is nice. Real men handle these things internally — they get even in the most painful way imaginable.

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