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Charlton Heston

By Tony Hicks
Sunday, April 6th, 2008 at 12:43 pm in Uncategorized.

I was all over the Internet this morning, trying to find the clip of Charlton Heston as the “good actor” in “Wayne’s World 2.” The best thing I could find, instead, was this clip of him from “Omega Man” watching the hippes from the “Woodstock” film. Which, by the way, was one of the most terrifying movies I saw as a child. Not “Woodstock” … “Omega Man.”

Then again, parts of “Woodstock” are pretty damned terrifying as well.

But I loved Charlton Heston movies back then (It was pretty close between the “Omega Man” scene and the “damned dirty ape” scene of “Planet of the Apes”). Or was it “filthy?” Either way, I thought he was the absolute pinnacle as an actor (I was absolutely crushed when he died heroically during “Midway,” which I think was the first non-animated movie I ever saw at a theater). When they went into the “bad actor” scene in “Wayne’s World,” and Mike Myers started saying they needed a real actor, I automatically thought of Heston a split second before he entered the screen.   

I even liked Heston on “The Colbys.” No, no one really knows what the hell is wrong with me.

Heston was one of the few actors who absolutely dominated the screen whenever he showed up. He teetered on being overly dramatic, but not so much that he could captain the starship Enterprise. But I would’ve paid good money to see William Shatner and Charlton Heston in the same scene. People talk about the epic restaurant scene with Pacino and DeNiro in “Heat.” No chance. I’d take Shatner and Heston any day.

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8 Responses to “Charlton Heston”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I absolutely loved Charlton Heston’s historical dramas: “The Ten Commandments,” “The Agony and the Ecstasy,” “Ben-Hur.” I’m not much into scifi, but “Planet of the Apes” was fantastic.

    And, even if I tried, I can’t forget “Soylent Green”…That movie freaked me out. I developed a paranoia of garbage trucks, Classical music and biscuits (in that order) thirty-five years ago.

    Such a fantastic actor; and such an unfortunate loss.

  2. Jody Says:

    What the hell is going on with’s gone so down hill. I’ve been loyally reading this paper for my whole life (33 years, okay i haven’t been reading for the whole 33 years, but you ge my point!) You have maintainted the quality of your work, but the paper in general sucks now!!!! How can you have a web site that has breaking news stories that are 3 days old?? I’m sorry to bitch at you about this but everytime I try to write them, they say I’m not logged in even though the home page is welcoming with my name!!! Get out’re too talented!!

  3. Tony Hicks Says:

    Well … uh…
    I’ll see if I can forward your comments to our on-line boss. And always feel free to forward complaints and/or six-figure job offers involving writing about squirrels and barbecuing to me at

  4. Danny Willis Says:

    Here’s the link to the greatest cameo of all time:

  5. HeyJoe Says:

    Soylent Green baby. Breakfast of Champions. Oh wait, that’s Vonnegut.

    Never mind.

  6. Tony Hicks Says:

    Bless you, Danny Willis. I don’t know why I couldn’t find that, other than being completely technically inept …

  7. HeyJoe Says:

    Great clip.

    And when you land that six-figure gig and find yourself in need of a high five-figure bootlicker, you know where to find me.

  8. Sarah Carroll Says:

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