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Scaling the Golden Gate Bridge

By Tony Hicks
Monday, April 7th, 2008 at 11:58 am in Uncategorized.

Three protesters climbed the Golden Gate Bridge this morning, to unfurl banners supporting Tibet and protesting the Olympics in China. Which is fine by me — I don’t think China’s oppression of its people makes it worthy of getting the Olympics, but that’s neither here nor there, as I couldn’t manage walking across the bridge without having some sort of panic-induced heart attack.

Watch the Live feed from CNN here:

However, I do have some questions about today’s events. First off, this story says the protesters were wearing helmets. Which exactly will help how if one was to fall off the Golden Gate Bridge?

The second question I have is: Does this give the tree-climbers in Berkeley, protesting plans to knock down trees to build an athletic facility, an inferiority complex?

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