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Lucy Hicks

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, June 10th, 2008 at 12:11 pm in Uncategorized.

Haight Street & Lucky Hicks 048

I probably won’t be on here much this week — my newest daughter Lucille┬ácame just after noon on Monday. She’s three weeks early, but we’re happy to see her. She’s perfectly healthy – all six pounds and 6.6 ounces of her. That’s right — 6.66. It’s a good thing her middle name isn’t “fer” …

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10 Responses to “Lucy Hicks”

  1. Vicki Walker Says:

    What beautiful little girls!

  2. HeyJoe Says:

    Lucy Fer. Good one.

    Congratulations. Best to mom.

    The Stalker.

  3. Chris Stevens Says:

    While I must say, it is a bit unnerving to see you procreate, I am very happy for you and your lovely bride. Now go get your shine box

  4. Sonia Says:

    She is the most adorable demon spawn ever!

  5. Susan Says:

    Both are beauties. Congratulations Tony. And don’t worry about the “fer” – that comes in about 13-14 years.

  6. HeyJoe Says:

    “Go get your shine box.” Classic.

  7. Julz Says:

    Tony, it must have been the pizza you made Fri. night that made Lucy come early. We love you guys!!!

  8. Beth McPhee Says:

    Hey Tony,

    It’s your cousin Beth. Congratulations! She’s beautiful! I can’t wait to meet her. Thinking about your dad today. I’m going to go to the cemetary to visit both him and my dad. Happy Father’s Day!!!


  9. Tony Hicks Says:

    Thanks for the messages. You’re all thoughtful – except for Stevens. But what are you going to do – we all get stuck with certain people we’ll never be able to shake.

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