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Good to be back

By Tony Hicks
Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 2:35 pm in Uncategorized.

Well, it’s sort of good to be back. I did jam home quick at lunch to watch my new daughter eat and sleep (and give her sister a ride to grandma’s to go shopping; they’re so cute – it’s like watching Obi-Wan teach Luke the ways of the Force). But back to important stuff — one can never underestimate the importance of eating and sleeping. If this child’s proficiency at each are an indicator, she’s truly dad’s girl.

Man, just writing that made me tired.

But the real reason I’m here is to extol the virtues of man’s former enemy: the bra — something I never knew had a real purpose in life other than to frustrate men until today. That’s right — a bra saved a woman’s life. Read all about it right here. Now I need to go take a rest — that was a lot of typing for a new father. I have to ease my way back into this job, or I might pull something.

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