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Quick … Dial That Number

By Tony Hicks
Monday, June 30th, 2008 at 6:09 pm in Uncategorized.

As of now, we only have about six more hours and driving and dialing. And that’s sort of sad.

Some of my most exciting moments behind the wheel occurred while trying to drive and dial. Wow, I remember that one time I went up on the curb by that elementary school. Whew … I never knew third-graders could scatter so fast. Then there was the time I drove onto a golf course and into the lake by the 15th green. That was an important call, by the way. Then there was the time I ran over an in-law. Thankfully, he already had a bad back and happened to like me.

But what’s really going to stink is no more text messaging while driving. I’ve only done it once or twice … or 38 times. But I’ve seen some people who are absolute masters at it. Seeing them in action was, quite possibly, among the most horrifying experiences in my life.

I’m lying — well, outside of that last line. Good riddance to driving and dialing. Or, rather, to people doing 45 in the fast lane and holding me up because they’re screwing with their phone. Though let’s face it — it was more often their brains that was the hold-up, not their hands.

Now if only someone would make a law outlawing DVD players near the driver.

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One Response to “Quick … Dial That Number”

  1. KK Downing Says:

    I heard a great story about a journalist who was playing air drums with his friends in the Presidio some years ago, while driving. They were unleashing such metal fury to a Judas Priest record that they fogged the windows up to the point that driving became difficult. So much so, that SFPD needed to investigate the situation.

    Yo, hands-free that, Mr. Po-lice man.