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The Russians Are Coming

By Tony Hicks
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 at 12:46 pm in Uncategorized.

I wrote a column that ran in Sunday’s paper explaining, among other vital points, how experts are again warning us that, despite the ugliness we’re now dealing with in the world, we still have to be prepared for nuclear war.

And today I see a story on the Internet detailing how the Russians are threatening a military response if we install a missile defense system in the Czech Republic.

Holy cow. Did I just wake up in 1985? And, if so, why is MTV horrible and I weigh this much?

Russia’s just mad that it’s us pushing around the Czechs now and not them anymore. Do we really have to start worrying about this? I thought we all stopped hating Russia and hated China now. What happened to the Taliban? Where’s Ronald Reagan when we need someone to tell us who to hate?

I have an idea – let’s hate the Swiss. I’m pretty sure they’re harmless. Or maybe Nebraska.

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