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American Idol: The wait continues

By Tony Hicks
Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 at 8:33 am in Uncategorized.

It’s now 8:20 and still no sign of the press person who’s supposed to tell us were we can stand and what questions we can ask. People continue to go in and come right back out; there’s a steady load of about a dozen cars in the lot. Apparently they turn in paperwork, get a wristband and a seat assignment for tomorrow’s audition, and hightail out of here as fast as possible. Which must’ve been disappointing to the family who only minutes ago piled out of a mini-van, surrounding a girl carrying a violin case.  

Today’s clearly straggler day. The parking lot attendant said yesterday’s line stretched all the way across the Cow Palace parking lot. Today’s there’s no line, unless you count the 14 Porta-Potties a couple rows in front of my car. Yes, this is the kind of exciting, dynamic reporting you’ll only get here at Insert Foot.

I’d try to pass myself off as a potential contestant to get inside and scope the situation, but contestants have to be between 16-28. Sadly, I look 29. Which makes me wonder how the hell Taylor Hicks ever got on this show, looking 67 years old. Maybe I’ll just stride up to the table and announce I’m T. Hicks and see what happens.

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One Response to “American Idol: The wait continues”

  1. Carolyn Claybaugh Says:

    just be grateful this wasn’t last week’s assignment when temperatures were hovering around 110 degrees.