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I know Elvis

By Tony Hicks
Thursday, August 7th, 2008 at 1:09 pm in Uncategorized.

A reader sent me the following e-mail, after I referred to Lisa Marie Presley’s father as “some sort of nightclub singer” in today’s People Column:

“I was reading your article on lisa marie presley expecting twins.  you referred to her father, elvis presley, as ‘some sort of nightclub singer’.  i couldn’t believe what i had read.  are you some sort of an idiot who does not know what he is talking about? or was this a completely bad  joke?  if not a joke, perhaps you should get a job at one of those tabloid papers !!!!!!! read the statistics.  elvis is still pulling in the high numbers for recordings and memorabilia  being sold, 31 years after he is gone!!!!  who else has done that????   nightclub singer !!!!   geez !!!!!! 

She signed off by saying maybe she isn’t such a loyal reader anymore.

This e-mail makes me so happy. I love Elvis fans. I truly believe there has never been a nuttier group of fans for any recording artist. Their loyalty is truly incredible, even 30 years after Mr. Sequins signed off.

I once made the mistake of stating the truth in the newspaper: that Elvis died on the toilet. I may have also mentioned he was in less-than-perfect shape at the time. Wow, did the Elvis legions tee off on me. I may have received death threats … and I only repeated the TRUTH!

By the way, dear reader, to answer your question: It’s usually safe to believe, in the absence of any compelling contrary evidence, that I am indeed an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But not this time — I was just kidding.

For more evidence of the loyalty of Elvis fans, click here.

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